News Appetizers Make Way for Duckling

Compared to last week, the news today is downright cheerful. And that’s not saying much, because it still makes me want to find an island populated entirely by kittens.

Guantánamo prisoners feel forgotten, and it’s hardly surprising. NYTimes

Doctors are calling it like it is: charging $100,000 for a cancer drug is immoral. NYTimes

The George W. Bush Library was dedicated yesterday. Which is a thing that happened that I don’t really care about. NPR

Family doctors may drop rules that require training in contraception. Sigh. NPR

The U.S. now suspects Syria of using chemical weapons, which is important because that’s the line in the sand that Obama drew for getting involved in the conflict. BBC

The mother of the Boston bombing suspects blames the U.S. for all of this. BBC

The body of a missing Brown student (and one-time Boston false bombing suspect thanks to reddit) was found in the Providence River. Slate

I think you need to watch that video of a cat dressed as a shark on a Roomba chasing a duckling after that, right?

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