2 thoughts on “Recap: RuPaul’s Drag Race, Episode 5.12, “The Wind Machine in the Wallows””

  1. Ugh, Roxxxy! I used to like her, but the further she made it in the competition, the meaner she got. I had enough of Mean Girls in high school. Guess I’ll flip a gold doubloon over Jinkx and Alaska. Like em both for different reasons.

  2. Yes, Roxxxy is super serious and professional . . . like in any challenge she was paired with Detox and Alaska (but mostly just Detox) . . . Evidence: Episode 6.

    I want to like you, Roxxxy! Stop being a jerk so I can like you!

    Raven was vicious in her season, but so wonderfully artful about it. THAT’s the best drag drama.

    As always, Team Jinkx!

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