Dispatches from Ladyblogland: Girl Power

Today’s list is full of some great work that highlights ladyblogging at its best: insightful, funny, and just plain awesome. Read all about it.

What happens when you change the gendered messaging of famous book covers? It’ll blow your mind. Huffington Post

This article is from last August, but it recently won a National Magazine Award. It’s about legislation that negatively impacts women in Texas. Texas Monthly

A satire of the lovely trend on Wikipedia of separating American novelists from women novelists. The Rumpus

Apparently Disney tried to trademark Día de Los Muertos, but the Internet shut that bull-caca down real quick. The Mary Sue

Speaking of Disney, they’re making Disney princesses sexier and sexier every day. Sigh. Peggy Orenstein

Racialicious shows us a Mother’s Day campaign that is wonderfully intersectional. Racialicious

Two great reads on the girl power of Iron Man 3: Slate and Wired

What did you read?

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