Garbage in My House is the Mother of Invention

So I have a vice I’m not particularly proud of: soda.

I drink a lot of it. Mostly because the hours I work are weird and without the sweet kiss of caffeine and high fructose corn syrup I’d be a zombie. This leads to a lot of plastic soda bottles. Now you can be a normal person or recycle them, or an obsessive compulsive gardener and try to figure out a way to use them. Since I began writing for P-Mag I always try to figure out new ways to save space in the garden, or new ways to garden without using any traditional green space.

And this week I thought of something new! Soda bottle string trellises for beans and peas. Its simplicity is what makes it so effective; all you need is  a plastic bottle, several feet of twine, some soil, a knife, and a bean or pea.

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Drawing of a soda bottle filled partway with dirt, hanging from a string, with a bean plant.
So here’s the deal. I can’t find my camera. I don’t want us to get sued by Photoshopping some random soda bottle. So I MS’d the final design. Don’t judge me, I HAVE FAT FINGERS. Also don’t cut a smiley face into the bottle? That was for flair.
  • Essentially all you do is cut a hole in the upper section of the bottle (maybe about a quarter of the section) right up to the cap.
  • Poke a small hole about an inch from the bottom of the bottle. This will keep the plant from getting waterlogged.
  • Take the cap off and run the twine through the hole and the neck, tying a small knot.
  • Fill the bottle with soil up to the base of the freshly cut hole. Plant your bean.
  • Hang your bottle anywhere you want where your bean, pea, or whatever vining plant you want will get enough sun.


You’re done!

The beauty of this is that the string itself acts as the trellis (in theory, mine isn’t far along yet to say definitively, but this isn’t a double blind study) You can hang rows of these on your patio. You can hang them on a nearby tree (since peas can do well in shade) Literally anywhere you have a few feet of vertical space and a few hours of sunlight, you can now grow plants with nothing more than a handful of dirt and a soda bottle.

4 thoughts on “Garbage in My House is the Mother of Invention”

  1. What a great idea! Since I’m in a basement apartment, I’m not sure I’ll be able to do much with this idea for now, but I will tuck it away for future reference! Also, I love your drawing! It reminds me of Allie Brosh’s style on Hyperbole and a Half. :)

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