Skirts Day

Sometimes I think my boyfriend out-feminists me. Readers, lend me your eyes and your opinion on this.

Spring is coming and is in some places already here. Spring means more bare limbs and less clothes. Spring – in the Netherlands – means Skirts Day. Skirts Day is a term coined by a Dutch author who once wrote in a column: “It’s clear spring is here, women bare their legs, skirts dance and I love it. You can know it’s spring when you’ve experienced Skirts Day.” He passed away two years ago and – sort of – in his memory (social) media picked up on Skirts Day. Even the weather (wo)men mention it sometimes.

But. Last week, when I mentioned to boyfriend Freckle that if spring (and Skirts Day) finally was coming, I needed to shave my legs first and definitely needed to buy more skirts/dresses later. In reply he asked if I felt like Skirts Day wasn’t another way patriarchy used to have women bare themselves for them. That – because it originated with men – it wasn’t more than a “Woman! Show the flesh!” way of thinking, instead of celebrating being able to wear less clothing.

I disagreed. To me, you could call Skirts Day “Terrace Day” or “No Jacket Day.” I don’t put on a skirt for men to look at, I put it on because I feel like it. I never had an experience with men yelling at me to bare my legs because I had them covered on a spring day. When I asked friends, I got laughter and “Hell no”s; Skirts Day is an idea, not a law.

On the other hand, we don’t have Men Bare Your Chest (MBYC?) Day.

So what do you think; is this another excuse of our patriarchal society to demand women to show flesh or did my well-meaning boyfriend sail past feminist territory?

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5 thoughts on “Skirts Day”

  1. I’m not much of a skirt wearer because I’m still getting used to the entire concept, but I live for when spring hits and I can wear shorts forever and ever. I don’t think it’s a patriarchy thing. I mean, if they said that girls HAD to wear skirts, yeah, but that’s not the case. Plus, I do not wear shorts for guys. Nor would I wear skirts for guys. I wear them because they’re comfortable and wonderful. Also, maybe we don’t have a MBYC day because guys seem to do it at all times of the year…or maybe that’s just because I’m from Texas and winter doesn’t actually exist here.

  2. If anything, I would have thought he would have said something along the lines of, “Feeling the need to shave your legs before wearing a skirt is buying into the patriarchy/male ideal of beauty”. (I’m not saying it is–just what I thought he was going to say when I read this through the first time!)

    If you’re wearing a skirt on Skirt Day because you want to and because you think it’s a fun silly day, skirt on!

  3. Nah, I’m with you on this one. Especially because the foundation of Skirt Day isn’t that women should wear skirts for men’s pleasure. Also, I just really like skirts. That first day when you wear a skirt with no stockings or tights and you don’t freeze is a thing of wonder.

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