This Open Thread is Back

Oh kittens.

Was the holiday good to you? Did you feel the sun on your toes, the smell of bbq in your hair – a dash of that magical feeling that hits you when you know, that yes, summer has arrived?

Well, here in the NYC, we went from desert sun deathtrap 3000 to England in the monsoon season. It was, how the French say, ugh. Welp, as Momma used to say– you can’t win them all.

So I spent my rainy days how any good person would –watching reruns of the Dolly Parton Show, with Miss Piggy. Yes my dears,’ twas divine.

So boodles – how was your lovely weekend spent?

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12 thoughts on “This Open Thread is Back”

  1. The weekend was good, yesterday was a bad day. Then I got drunk and spent 4 hours chatting to this guy that might have a crush on me, and I on him. We’ve gone from weird and slightly uncomfortable to best buddies, so that was good.

  2. I got my period a week early while I was backpacking this weekend. I was 10 miles by foot to the nearest store and my lady time struck at sunset, so there was no way for me to get back to civilization. I also had no pads or tampons. So I found my inner MacGyver and made a pad out of a towel. So I was literally on the rag.

  3. Some kids smashed into my husband’s parked car, which smashed into mine. So we’re at a car and a half (mine runs, but it makes me nervous and the trunk has to be tied shut and the whole thing is probably going to get me a ticket if I take it out on the road), and we had Hassles with the police department. AND I had to cancel a fun trip into Chicago to meet with an old high school buddy and eat delicious food, because car issues.

    BUT we got a lot of moving-small-things-to-our-new-place done (soooo many books), before the cars were busted. And I got an ice cream sundae!

      1. I’m a big believer in ice cream. I lived in two towns with no Baskin Robbins (not the pinnacle of ice cream culture, obviously, but still– their pistachio almond is one of my favorite flavors in the world), and now there is one up the street and I am making up for lost time.

        1. My partner is vegan, and ice cream is one of those things she misses. They do have good alternatives, but they’re so expensive. I could not give up ice cream!

          We don’t have any Baskin Robbins around here. We have dairy queen, but definitely not the same.

    1. That stinks. I can’t stand it when feet get hurt– like I can imagine how much any broken bone would suck, but a broken foot/toe… I feel it in my heart that it must hurt like all the pain.

      I hope it gets better as fast as that kinda thing can get better!

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