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I spent the weekend exploring Baltimore and I found a lot to love in charm city. Equally as lovely is this week’s roundup of everything weird and wonderful in ladyblogland.

The Internet made a point that rape culture is a thing when Lindy West got rape threats for talking about comedy’s rape-joke problem. It’s really terrible. Here’s the story from Jezebel and some analysis from Pajiba.

I sort of love this discussion of male aides carrying lady politicians’ purses. XXFactor

Wanted: Cat men. They are awesome. XOJane

Bookish and clever: Ten words science fiction invented that we use today. Hello Giggles

Slate’s XXFactor had an interesting series about maintaining passion in a long term relationship. XXFactor

Is this the best TV show for women? Em & Lo

What did you read this week?

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  1. I read a list on what gay men need to stop doing. It started out okay but ventured into ‘Everyone should/shouldn’t do these things’. And I still don’t know if I think it’s a good idea to single out gay men or not.

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