News Appetizers for All Your Weekend Needs

Here’s the news to keep you in-the-loop for all those dinner parties Tumblr arguments this weekend.

For all those talks about the fourth amendment: The U.S. is secretly collecting records of Verizon calls. New York Times

Handy for conversations about bad news in general: workers are still seeking survivors in a Philadelphia collapse. New York Times

Old Economy Steve would love this: Chinese company Lenovo just opened a factory in South Carolina. Yay jobs! NPR

Because people love to argue about the Middle East: Syrian clashes are erupting too close for comfort to Israel-occupied Golan Heights. Los Angeles Times 

This will be perfect for all those chats about doing the right thing: Kenyans tortured by British colonial forces during the Mau Mau uprising will receive payouts. BBC

What will be you arguing about this weekend?

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