We Need More Suspenseful Television

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Last week, I wrote about the Writers Guild of America’s list of the 101 best-written television shows. I agreed with much of the list, especially the inclusion of The Twilight Zone. Realizing that I hadn’t watched an episode in a very long time, I fell into the rabbit hole that is Wikipedia and YouTube the other day while I was home sick from work, looking up my favorite episodes on Wikipedia to get more info, and then turning to YouTube for clips. 

During my research, I discovered that Rod Serling had created a show I had never heard of before: Night Gallery. As host of an anthology series that ran from 1970 to 1973, Serling introduced each segment by standing in front of a creepy painting that showed a scene from the story. According to this website, the tales were all supernatural and had eerie plots, which is right up my alley. Excited, I turned to YouTube, thinking I would be able to watch tons of episodes (or at least clips) easily. I was wrong.

Yes, it’s an old series and those aren’t on YouTube the way new shows are, but I still thought there would be more than what I found: a few clips from one episode, the show’s introduction, and a documentary on the show.  That’s it. I am so used to instant gratification online, and knowing that I didn’t have tons of episodes to watch at my disposal really bummed me out.

While I don’t usually go for scary movies or television shows, I love suspense, which is why I enjoyed The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents so much. It’s probably also why I loved the late, great Southland – it wasn’t supernatural like the other shows, but it had twists and turns and not everything turned out the way you expected. I think we definitely need more programs like this – shows that make you think but at the same time force you to use your imagination and suspend belief. Get on it, Hollywood!

What’s your favorite suspense-filled show?

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CatherineWe Need More Suspenseful Television

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        Linotte Melodieuse

        I know! And since the showrunners are very good at making the audience believe that one thing is going to happen, but then blindsiding them with another, I don’t know what could be the outcome next week. So yes, I will admit I’m a little tied up in knots over it.

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      Oh my gosh yes! Pretty Little Liars always has me! I used to think maybe that was silly of me, because it’s so fluffy a show but I’ve realized it’s really got its suspenseful moments! Aria’s little daydream sequence had me going!

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