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Ah, the mythical male-female friendship. So rarely does it happen on TV or, if most magazines are to be believed, in real life. Well, considering the fact that my current roommate is a guy who happens to be one of my closest friends (and I know he is reading this and is feeling pretty proud of himself right now), it always annoys me that male-female friendships are constantly overshadowed for the “more dynamic” love story angle. The only “will they-won’t they” that emerged in my apartment was will they survive two whole years of living with each other, or will Karishma bludgeon her roommate with the Nutella jar that was left out, again? Is the drama over the air conditioning not good enough TV? Does no one really want to watch the nuances of a social media-based conversation of “What can we order from Seamless that isn’t too recent, so the delivery guy doesn’t judge us?”

I’ve started watching Elementary, and I’m so far adoring the friendship that’s developing between Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson. I’ve been pleasantly surprised that so far, Sherlock seems to actively listen and respond to Joan, deferring to her areas of expertise and trusting her judgment.

Here are some other personal favorites of male-female friendships on TV:

Leslie Knope & Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation

They disagree on everything politically, but ultimately love each other. I mean, he gave her away away at her wedding. Nothing says friendship like a mutual love for breakfast.

Kaylee Frye & Captain Mal Reynolds, Firefly

On paper, they are complete opposites. Mal is brash, rude, and a lot impulsive. Kaylee is the heart of Serenity and keeps Mal grounded. I mean look at how precious her face is as she tries to convince Mal to let her go to the buffet table.

Liz Lemon & Jack Donaghy, 30 Rock

Liz’s mentor couldn’t really find the words to tell her how much he loved her (or rather, he found all of the words), but he was very proud of the Lemon he mentored, even if she ended up so radically different from him.

Penny Hartz & Max Blum, Happy Endings

These two dysfunctional folks are great friends who sometimes hate each other and are a little melodramatic, which is in no way at all like my own friendship with my roommate.

Emerson Cod & Olive Snook, Pushing Daisies

Olive was late to the private investigation game, but once she got into the spirit of things and really bonded with the gruff Emerson Cod. Away from central characters Ned & Chuck, Olive really shone. Emerson even became fond of his new (sort-of) partner, calling her “Itty-Bitty,” which is just adorable.

All of these friendships involve some amount of respect for and support of each other. Whether it’s respecting someone’s career and skill-set, or (begrudgingly) caring for someone when he/she is ill, it is possible to have great complex relationships between men and women.

Of course this list isn’t a definitive list of male-female friendships, and there should be more, especially as most of these are fairly recent in TV history. List some of your favorites in the comments!

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KarishmaFavorite Male-Female Friendships

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  1. Profile photo of Charlotte

    Doctor Donna forever. I mean, the actors liked eachother so much that they started to do more acting together, e.g. in Much Ado About Nothing.

  2. Profile photo of [E] Selena MacIntosh*
    [E] Selena MacIntosh*

    I have loads of examples.

    Starbuck and Hot, Hot Helo – BSG
    Joey and Phoebe – Friends
    Will and Diane – The Good Wife
    CJ and Toby, President Bartlet and Mrs. Landingham – The West Wing
    Dax and Sisko – DS9

    In real life: Stephen Colbert and Amy Sederis

    1. Profile photo of Sara Habein
      Sara Habein


      And with CJ and Toby, I always got the impression (or maybe there was a stray line somewhere along the way) that they used to date a million gerbillion years before, and then settled into friendship instead.

      1. Profile photo of QoB

        One night of passion?:) My theory is Toby is in love with CJ, except he doesn’t realise it because he knows it would never work. Watch his eyes light up around her. It’s delightful.

  3. Profile photo of Opifex

    Snook and Cod! Ahhhh. I love them. I miss that show.

    Pete and Mika from Warehouse 13 are also a set of TV besties that I enjoy. I haven’t seen the most recent season though and the show is getting a little shark jumpy.

    Also hello fellow male roommate having person! Everyone keeps asking if boyfriend is ok with it. And I laff and laff because boyfriend suggested the whole arrangement.

    1. Profile photo of QoB

      Living with male friend solidarity!

      (I don’t any more, but I used to – my boyfriend was fine with it, because he’s nice like that).

    2. Profile photo of Karishma

      I’m leaving my male roommate and he’s pretty broken up about it. Lots of screaming, “BEST FRIENDS” angrily at each other.

  4. Profile photo of wtfox?!

    Sherlock and Watson in ‘Elementary’! Joan isn’t just an adjunct to his brilliance and she doesn’t just exist to validate him, and Sherlock in turn recognizes (in his admittedly Sherlockian way) that she understands and sees a lot of things he misses; in return, he offers her the chance to get out of a life she doesn’t like and try something that appeals to her. Which is awesome.

    io9 did a great write-up of why the Sherlock-Watson relationship is so fantastic in this iteration. Spoilers at the link: http://io9.com/elementary-demonstrates-the-right-way-to-update-a-class-509009246

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