Spontaneous .gif Party: A Feast for Unicorns

Hunting for unicorn pictures with safesearch off can be a rather enlightening experience. 

NSFWicorns abound, but among the things that can’t be unseen, there are wondrous treasures, like the following:

The Last Unicorn title credits, in an animated gif.

Who hasn’t spent a Sunday with a plate full of cheese and The Last Unicorn on basic cable? Is that just me?

Unicorn spinning on a turntable.

I should probably know the context of this .gif, but I think it might be better without it.

Unicorn from Toy Story rolling eyes.

I feel these feels.

Knit gnome in front of a rainbow hops on an incoming unicorn and flies away, presumably to have some sort of fantastic adventure we mere mortals can't even comprehend.

This is just fucking magic. I don’t know where it came from, if you made it, I want to be friends. I want to give you credit. I want to elect you to some high office.

Woman in a bathrobe argues with a smug-looking unicorn in a dark kitchen. No, really.

Never argue with your unicorn. Unicorns argue like assholes.

Happy, fluffy unicorn getting a hug.

Yes it is.

A totally real unicorn at night.

111% true unicorn spotting.

Unicorns galloping, from the Walt Disney film, Fantasia

The Persephone Editorial team, on our way to prepare posts for publication.

Hand-drawn unicorn leaps repeatedly over a cheerful rainbow. This .gif is much more fun if you listen to this while you watch it.

Animated .gif of a unicorn frolicking, which reads "I am a fucking unicorn. I do unicorn things."

Damned right you do, unicorn.

A hand-drawn unicorn animation with a rainbow mane, surrounded by bouncing stars.

Go forth and be unicorns, Persephoneers.

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