New Show Recap: True Blood S6E7 — “Dead Meat”

In Which True Blood Shows Signs of Life

We begin with Eric, who is wild-eyed and crazy from grief over the loss of his sister. He lashes out at Bill for not providing him with Warlow’s blood, and accuses him of not wanting to rush his precious Sookie. Even though Eric doesn’t have any direct confrontation with Sookie, this (hopefully) foreshadows a significantly more tense relationship between the two, which is good because their hate chemistry was amazing a few seasons back, whereas puppy-dog Eric didn’t have the same sparks with her. Eric is really out there emotionally when he says this, but even then, I think it is clear he still has feelings for Sookie. Anyway, he taunts Bill, who is remarkably patient because he needs Eric, and then zooms out.

Andy and Holly console Arlene because they are all nice friends.
Andy and Holly console Arlene because they are all nice friends. Photo courtesy of HBO.

Terry Rhymes with Bury

It’s Terry’s funeral planning. Good grief, this is a boring plotline. Arlene looks really pretty, though. Look, it’s Portia! She’s back. Terry’s grandmother (played by a different actress?) wants a 21-gun salute, and Arlene loses it. Portia explains that Bellefleur men all get military burials, but Arlene says Terry didn’t care about his military service at all: “Y’all are burying a lie.”

Oh yeah, Lafayette was briefly in this episode, basically to deliver the news about the life insurance. Still, I was reminded that Lafayette can be such a nurturing person. It was nice for him to serve Arlene a Southern-fried greasy breakfast to help fight off her hangover. Later, Arlene says she won’t take the insurance money because she knows he was murdered/committed suicide by buddy for it, but Holly persuades her otherwise.

A Great Sook-rifice

As you probably recall, Bill needs Warlow back to save his (and Sookie’s) vamp friends. Sookie says she’ll run it by Warlow, but that Warlow needs to stay alive.

Warlow remains tied up for the third episode in a row, and I am starting to wonder whether the character will stay that way for the rest of the season. The actor does look very good tied up (whereas that look really didn’t dazzle me for Eric or Bill when they were about to be burned at the stake), so there’s an argument in favor of that. He considers Sookie’s offer, but with one big condition.

Unlike Eric, Bill seems to legitimately not care at all about Sookie. He shows this by not batting an eye when Sookie mentions that to save her vamp friends, she’ll have to betroth herself to Warlow and allow him to turn her into a vampire, and that she needs some time to think that over. Bill’s reaction to this request is bored impatience – Warlow’s deal sounds fair to him. Sookie is shocked but only for a millisecond, when she moves into complete and appropriate rage.

Alcide and Sam, Sookie and Sam, Prettyface and Sam

Alcide is attacked by his werewolf girlfriend, who challenges him for pack leadership. He wins, but as she predicts, he doesn’t have it in him to kill her. He quits packdom and ends up apologizing to Sam, and the two supes have a beer together. So that’s done. Does that mean that the whole werewolf plotline was full of sound and furry, signifying nothing? (Yes, I went there.) It might be almost worth it if a friendship between Sam and Alcide resumes/begins, since this show’s bro couples have been fantastic (Jason and Andy, Eric and Bill, Hoyt and Jason).

Sookie makes the rounds and says goodbye to her parents by visiting their graves and telling them that if they were/are humans, then she doesn’t want to be one. She also says goodbye to Sam, and basically jumps the timeline by telling him that she always thought they would end up together. Sam is angry to hear this, because it comes out of nowhere and because she never returned his sentiments when he was available. Now, of course, Prettyface McGoodhair is pregnant, which shocks Sookie. She tries to offer some advice and Sam shuts her down. Sookie continues her farewell tour by leaving a message for Jason telling him Terry is dead.

PM’s mother doesn’t like Sam at all, and points out the age difference between her daughter and Sam, calling him Silver Fox. I love that and in my mind, it might stick.

Meanwhile, Back at the Facility

Sarah Newlin's hairspray budget must be enormous. Photo courtesy of HBO.
Sarah Newlin’s hairspray budget must be enormous. Photo courtesy of HBO.

The True Blood corporate representative shows up at the factory and quickly is hep to the idea that the drink is being contaminated (yes, I’m going there again). Sarah Newlin can’t have the rep reporting back about this, so she chases her down and beats her to death, delivering the coup de grace with a stiletto. She then praises Jesus for allowing her to successfully commit murder by accessory. Side note: Sarah Newlin’s tragic flaw may not be her use of religion as a club, but her decision to wear white in a vampire research facility. Of course it will end up splattered with blood. OF COURSE.

The Hep-V contaminated True Blood  is distributed to the vamps in the facility, but the vamps who know about it – specifically, Eric’s progeny and grandprogeny, Jessica, Steve Newlin, and those two new vamps, Violet (I had to look that name up) and James – won’t drink it. The PTB make note of it, and all abstaining vamps are rounded up and brought to the (meeting the) sunroom because they won’t drink the tainted True Blood. Uh-oh, Bill’s prediction came true!

Back to Eric

Our Viking friend is calm and grim when he comes upon Adeline and Holly’s sons partying in a graveyard. Adeline is making out with one of them and has just removed her shirt, but Eric’s arrival puts an end to that. (To be honest, I’m really relieved because Adeline looks so VERY young to me.) He glamors the two boys and then drinks from Adeline, so he can enter the fairyland graveyard and drain Warlow, which is what Sookie and Bill find when they arrive there.

End Notes

  • Wow, I really think Bill and Sookie are dunzo. I didn’t see a spark of anything, except of shock and anger on Sookie’s part.
  • Loving James, who has a surfer Jesus vibe to him.
  • Violet, the new vamp, certainly has a strong personality. In a strange way, she reminds me of Eric because she appears to greatly enjoy mental foreplay. Her comment to Jason about not having sex with him until he wants to is very mind-sexy. Unfortunately for her, she’s not choosing someone who really uses his mental faculties in a sophisticated manner.
  • Both of the two new vamps have made it clear that they are strongly against sexual assault, which I thought was significant. I’m also glad they are making it clear that Jason was profoundly traumatized by his gang rape.

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    1. True Blood is always talking about how the show is a metaphor for politics. So, I wonder if the pregnant girlfriend is going to be the way the show tackles abortion, birth control, and all the recent political storm about those.

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