Thursday Dance Party Open Thread

“I’m not offended by dumb blonde jokes because I know that I’m not dumb. I also know I’m not blonde.”  Dolly, you are a goddess.

Some friends were talking about Dolly this afternoon. Singing “9 to 5″ at karaoke was mentioned more than once. Did you also know she also runs a literacy charity? And that she has one of the most extensive IMDB profiles I’ve ever seen.

Let’s get this Thursday night started off with a little singin’ and dancin’, Dolly style. Which obviously includes lots of makeup, glitter, and sequins. Some of my favorite things.

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      1. Avatar of [E] pileofmonkeys[E] pileofmonkeys


        And also that Ben Affleck is terrible in anything that doesn’t take place in Boston, and about 30% of the movies that do take place in Boston?

  1. Avatar of LanaLana

    I had a gyno appointment today. Good news is that going off birth control has helped with my moods and actually made my periods easier to manage, even though I was on the pill for periods in the first place. Go figure. But I have a lump in my breast so I have to get an ultrasound next week.

    I think my interview yesterday went well. I wish I didn’t have consider internships after graduating but the job market is so bad right now and I need more experience. And I’m off to a yoga class tonight.

    1. Avatar of OpifexOpifex

      Serous good vibes for your ultrasound. Also I feel your pain on the entry level jobs wanting 3 to 5 years experience front. I got a lucky break when I finally landed a job that didn’t have that in the requirements.

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