My Favorite Internet Name Generators

I don’t know who the first person was who realized that people would love to type their name into a website and generate a new theme name for themselves, but I’d like to shake his or her hand. I freaking love these things! We’ve moved way beyond just figuring out your stripper name based on your first pet and the street you grew up on; now pretty much every fandom has their own version or you can be a unicorn, a sexting politician, or even Benedict Cumberbatch’s alter ego.

[icon name=”icon-star”] Since this is Persephone, home of the happiest unicorns on the lady Internets, your first stop should obviously be The Unicorn Name Generator. From now on, y’all can call me Pansy Golden Moon! “Pansy is good-humoured and always in high spirits. She is as golden as a sunrise, and she loves to dance on moonbeams.”

[icon name=”icon-star”] In anticipation of the birth of the royal baby earlier this summer, USA Today created a royal name generator. I’m highly amused to be Dame Hildegard the Mostly Victorious.

[icon name=”icon-star”] Anthony Weiner’s sexting alter-ego inspired Slate to create the Carlos Danger Name Generator. Mateo Trouble, at your service!

[icon name=”icon-star”] Poor Benedict Cumberbatch; no one can ever get his name right on the first try and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are people who don’t realize his name isn’t actually Bandicoot Hammerpants. According to the chart below; I’m Benefit Combyourthatch, which just sounds dirty. I like it!

What is your Benedict Cumberbatch name? (Gives A-Z options for first name and last name)

[icon name=”icon-star”] There are several Game of Thrones name generators out there; this one is fun because you can choose to be a noble lady or not, while the men’s version lets you choose whether you want to be a Westerosi knight, Westerosi bastard, Targaryen king, or Dothraki warrior. The first site names me Greta Royce (blah), while on the other I’m Ellaria Merryweather or Ellaria Waters(Word of advice, though; don’t click the link that says you can make your own name generator. Some of the other user-created ones given as examples are simply AWFUL in a racist/triggering fashion.)

What are your favorite name generators? Share your results in the comments!

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