Friday News Bites: Shutdown Ramifications, Healthcare, and More

Happy Friday, everyone. Perhaps the biggest news story this week is that of the U.S. government shutdown, in which all but “essential” employees are not working (or being paid) until further notice. Hopefully this does not make life difficult for too many of you reading, and if it does, we send our utmost sympathies.

NBC News talks to some of the people directly affected by the shutdown: “It’s going to be real tough.”

On a related note, 26 Republican-dominated states are choosing not to expand Medicaid. The New York Times shows “Where Poor and Uninsured Americans Live.”

Details are still emerging surrounding yesterday’s car chase and shooting in Washington, D.C. A suspect was shot and killed.

Since I live in Montana, this story made me happy to see: “Missoula couples can now register for domestic partnerships”:

“One of the first contacts… we had about the domestic partnership registry was actually from a opposite sex couple who were interested — one of their employers offered health benefits,” said Marty Rehbein, Missoula City Clerk.


The domestic partnership registry is still brand new to Missoula — so new that the first card hasn’t been printed yet.


The goal is to give couples some relationship recognition outside of marriage — an issue that’s important to openly gay people like Missoula Councilwoman Caitlin Copple.

In other LGBT News, a Screen Actors Guild study has found that bias still persists against not-straight actors. Variety has the story.

On October 1st, author Tom Clancy died at age 66. Here’s the Washington Post obituary.

13 members of the hacking group Anonymous have been indicted by a grand jury in Virginia. The age ranges of the people charged are between 21 and 65.

Any of you stumble across some interesting news this week? Maybe we can have some good news in the comments.

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