Lunchtime Poll: Best Laid Plans, Halloween Edition

With this being our first year in a house, our original plan was to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids. Instead it was raining so badly that we ordered Chinese take-out and had a horror movie marathon. It’s not what we normally do or had planned, but it turned out that it was just as fun.

The rain put a stop to some of the festivities where I live, but how about all of you? How did you spend your Halloween?

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4 thoughts on “Lunchtime Poll: Best Laid Plans, Halloween Edition”

  1. I spent my Halloween marathoning horror films, eating take out, handing out at least two buckets of candy to the neighborhood kiddies, and playing photographer for my roomie’s awesome Silent Hill 2 Bobble Head Nurse cosplay. All in all, it was a fun night.

  2. We took Lexie to Malloween and got a ton of candy from all of the stores (plus some stickers and temporary tattoos and even a bracelet from one of the accessories stores). Then we came home and hit maybe a dozen or so houses before she decided it was too dark and spooky (it was foggy as all hell out), and she handed out candy for a while. (Miraculously, we convinced her that she couldn’t hand out candy naked while we were getting her bath ready.)

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