Dispatches from Ladyblogland

This week I’m mixing things up, pointing you not just to great ladyblog reads but also discoveries from the interwebz that may be of interest to you, dear ladyblog enthusiasts.

This showed up on my Tumblr dash and I LOL’d hard: The Onion mocks all of those media outlets for needing a cookie each time they post a photo of a plus-size model. The Onion

The Internet told me about this documentary about Kathleen Hana and I am essite!

You probably remember that Politico decided to call Michelle Obama a “feminist nightmare” the other week. You might also remember that the entire argument was just privileged white feminist b.s. The Guardian

#FeministSelfie is a hashtag that I love. Colorlines

Bella Swan never inspired this: Thanks to The Hunger Games, archery is gaining popularity among young girls. NPR

This article inspires me to send out photo holiday cards of me and my cat. The Root

A delightful listen post-Thanksgiving: Sherman Alexie on America’s best and most fraught holiday. Bitch Magazine

STFU Mens rights Activists
The Internet also yielded this gem.

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