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My husband is a big old Scrooge when it comes to holidays — birthdays, Christmas, you name it, he thinks it is ridiculous. For those of you with gentlemen in your life who are more spirited about the season, here are some fun options for them.

Jon and I don’t really buy gifts for each other. We usually find something we want and buy it as a joint present, like new bedding (his idea, I swear), a nice camera, or power tools (my idea, I swear. Busting gender stereotypes all over the place in our relationship!) I want to to buy Rosetta Stone Spanish this year because it is unacceptable to both of us that we are monolingual. However, there are tons of other guys in my life that will be well served by the research for this gift guide.

Nerd Up Your Table

photo of ceramic Kirk and Spock salt and pepper shakers

Image from

My dad is a big Star Trek geek. Yes, I realize these are salt and pepper shakers, but come on, they are Kirk and Spock! How awesome is that?

They Might End Up with Hemorrhoids, But at Least They Will Be Entertained

photo of a white toilet paper holder that holds an iPod player incorporated

Image from

When I was a kid, we added a second story to our house. When designing the new master bathroom, my dad insisted upon installing a phone next to the toilet. Whenever he took a shit, he would call someone, anyone, and say, “Guess what I’m doing?” Every. Single. Time. He thought it was the epitome of hilarity. Since cell phones have made it possible for all of us to chat while we crap, it isn’t necessary to have the phone TP holder, BUT, with this bad boy, you could make yourself an awesome little pooping playlist for your private time.

Dashing Scarf (I Would Like the Model, Please)

Photo of super hot young black man sitting in a garden wearing a chunky brown knitted scarf, a navy sweater and brown pants

Image from seller MinervaBird

For the more fashionable gent, please consider the infinity scarf from Etsy seller MinervaBird. The right amount of chunky takes this to a more masculine level, and one must have some respect for her choice of model. She is a seller who knows how to best display her creations, that’s for sure. Seriously, how freaking cute is he? I know we aren’t supposed to objectify people, but DAMN, that is a good looking man.

Dude. This is Some Genius Shit Right Here

photo of a guy wearing a grey sweatshirt that says "Here for the Beer" in blue with a pocket for a beer attached to the front

Image from

I know the picture is small, so please, please click the link to see the full majesty that is this sweatshirt. It has a pocket for your beer. That is fucking genius and I can’t believe I have never seen something like this before.

Badass Bookends

Photo of green army men bookends holding up five books on top of a shelf

Image from

Both nostalgic and functional, what more could one ask for?

Heh Heh… Balls

Photo of two stainless steel balls in a plastic package that says Balls Of Steel on it

Image from

The word “balls” amuses me to no end. It is one of the words that my mom asks my dad, sister, and myself to refrain from using when we have company over since one of us will set off the other two and then there is no stopping us. Balls. So funny. So gifts that have the word on them are high on my list. Even better, 15% of the purchase of these whiskey chillers go to fund testicular cancer research. Score!

What are you getting the men in your life this year? Do you and your partner buy gifts for one another? Share in the comments!

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    freckle [M]

    Both my father and my brother are a bother because they are the kind of people that go “Want it? BUY IT, NOW”.

    So when my brother gave out a list this year, I was all over it. Give me those suggestions.

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