Lunchtime Poll: Holiday Parties

With the coming of winter, it’s time to don our coats and our sparkly heels for some holiday get-togethers.

Every year, my workplace has a giant party at some fun location downtown. It’s usually cocktail attire which either means some lavish shopping or a lot of stress, depending on whether you ask me or my wife. To help both of us get on the same level of excitement, we ended up having a conversation about our favorite things at the party. My wife loves the giant holiday tree, and I enjoy getting to see my friends goofing off in fancy clothes.

Whether a grand affair or a quiet, comfortable family get together, what holiday parties are you most looking forward to (or the least)?

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2 thoughts on “Lunchtime Poll: Holiday Parties”

  1. I’m looking forward to the holiday party my job is hosting. My colleagues at the university admissions office I work at are a fun bunch so I anticipate good times. However, it’s not the same as our holiday parties in the past, they used to be held at the former office manager’s house and was a potluck. This year we’re going to a restaurant, which is still nice, but not as intimate.

  2. I get to go to my first holiday party in probably seven years! It’s for my husband’s work at a restaurant, and while it is still a couple weeks away, I’m freaking out about what to wear. My work is planning an informal get together for cocktails whenever the stars align and our schedules mesh enough to go out. I’m looking forward to that b/c I work with a great group of people.

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