Lunchtime Poll: Holiday Plans!

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Going home for the holidays? Staying home? Is everyone coming to you, or do you have to do a two-day, three-city tour to visit family? Big parties for New Year’s Eve, or a night in wearing your pajamas?

What are your plans for the holiday season?

I was lucky to get to hang out with my mom over Thanksgiving, but I’m wishing I could spend Christmas with her. The mister and I usually end up on the two-day, three-city tour. His family on Christmas Eve, mine on Christmas day. New Year’s Eve will involve a 5k with some girlfriends and then a low-key gathering. (I’m too old for the bar scene, especially when there are so many amateurs out.) Oh, and ALL THE COOKIES FOR TWO WEEKS!!!! ALL THE COOKIES.


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[E]queSarahSarahLunchtime Poll: Holiday Plans!

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    [E] Selena MacIntosh*

    Everyone’s coming to my house on Wednesday. We’re having Cornish game hens, sauted green beans, sweet potato soup, and tiny bite-sized pies.

    I have to unfuck all the things, because I kept telling myself “you have PLENTY of time! Christmas is so far away!” hahahahahaha.

    I’ll be cooking and/or cleaning like I actually know how to adult properly from now until Wednesday. Then I’m taking a nap.

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    Ah, a fellow giver of evening presents. I always thought that coming downstairs to a living room filled with daylight was killing the mood a bit…
    We’re visiting friends on Christmas Eve, then another friend is coming for coffee, and once my husband gets home from *boooooooooo* work, there will be lights, presents and party food! Christmas Day will be filled with food and drink, and on Boxing Day we’ll be on our way to Germany. Me, that is, with two kids and a hangover. Awe. Some.

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    Our plans:

    Hogswatch Eve: family round, massive stew on the hob, lots of presents.
    Hogswatch: just our little family, stockings in the morning, pyjamas all day, and a very lazy roast dinner.
    Boxing Day: I’ve just realised I have no idea what we’re doing on Boxing Day. Whoops!
    Hogmanay: eh, not a lot. Hogswatch is our big celebration of the season!

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