Pop Culture Brunch: 2013 Year in Review

I’m absolutely terrible at picking favorites, so tell me yours!

There were a ton of fantastic new movies, TV shows, albums, and books this year. I probably haven’t seen/listened to/read any of them because I’m totally happy with my 90s radio station and I’ve only seen like two movies in the theater this year and I’m basically a curmudgeon when it comes to most pop culture, so tell me what your essentials of 2013 were!

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  1. Avatar of [M] freckle[M] freckle

    The film question is tough. I was very impressed with 12 Years A Slave, enjoyed Iron Man 3 but still like Iron Man best. Pacific Rim was great fun, Elysium disappointed me a bit.

    Hmm .. if I look at it there I watched a lot of action/adventure and they’re entertaining at the moment, but not remember-worthy.

    Music ..I discovered that there is a new Queens of the Stone Age CD and that was fun?

    Wow, I’m so bad at lists.

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