This Weekend Open Thread is Buying All the Yarn

Guys. The Smiley’s Sale.

There’s this magical event every December in NYC called the Smiley’s Sale. It’s when this yarn store (Smiley’s) that’s in Queens brings a bunch of inventory into Manhattan and sells it by the bag at a deep discount. It started earlier this week, and goes until Saturday.

Screw the tree lighting. This is my favorite holiday tradition.

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6 thoughts on “This Weekend Open Thread is Buying All the Yarn”

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  2. I’m jealous. I’ve been meaning to make it to the local-ish yarn shop, but life is conspiring against me. I did see some hand spun loveliness last weekend, but I figured at $80+ to get enough to make a scarf, I would never find a pattern that was special enough and it would sit in my yarn tote.

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