Lunchtime Poll: Summer TV Viewing

Summer television used to be the dregs of the barrel for the networks. It used to be where you would dump the extra episodes from a bad show or show pilots for failed shows and label them as TV movies. Over the years, networks then added reality shows to the mix. This has proved to be my downfall. I love trashy reality competitions and the summer has one of the best and trashiest in Big Brother. I have a thing for competitions and games of any kind. Add in swearing, cute people, politicking, and general craziness and you hook me for life. This also applies to any Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Continue reading

Ingenuity 101: DIY and the World of Tomorrow

I am interested in the upswing in enthusiasm for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects and initiatives. From bee-keeping to urban farming to bicycle repair, people across the country are taking on a wealth of independent projects with nothing but a heap of ingenuity and their local Home Depot to help them. Just across the street from me, there is an organization that hosts workshops almost every evening on everything from “Print Your Own Monogram Stationary” to “Build Your Own Terrarium!” Continue reading

Summer TV with (Potentially) Interesting Female Characters

When I grew up, with a set of TV rabbit ears that would only tune in five channels, summer TV was a wasteland. Cable networks have been giving us fresh new programming (of varying quality) during the summers for a few years, and the networks are stepping up from reruns and burning off shows too terrible to take up valuable ad space in the fall and spring seasons.  Continue reading

Come Fly With Me

Anyone familiar with 12-step programs or various philosophical guides to serene living will tell you that the key to happiness is to surrender to the moment, to change what you can, to accept what you cannot change, and to know the difference.  And anyone familiar with air travel in recent years will tell you that even the Dalai Lama would struggle with staying serene when you’re confronted with cancelled flights, long lines, inedible overpriced food, and cramped uncomfortable seats. Continue reading

Lunchtime Poll: Don’t Believe the Hype

On the heels of another Superman adaptation, I have been trying very hard to temper my expectations as to not be disappointed by yet another Zach Snyder adaptation. I really want Man of Steel to be great (because Michael Shannon! Amy Adams! Laurence Fishburne! Almost the entire supporting cast!), but I’ve seen Watchmen and I’ve seen Henry Cavill act. Both of those experiences were terrible but at least were visually stimulating. (I won’t even touch 300 and Sucker Punch.) Continue reading

But Which Revolution Was It?: A Crash Course on the History of Les Mis

Last week, a friend of mine told me about how confused she was about the references to revolution in the movie Les Misérables. Wasn’t there just one French Revolution, and didn’t it take place during the eighteenth century? And how did Napoleon Bonaparte fit into all of this? Then I realized that other people might be confused, too, so here’s a basic summary of what occurred during the time period. Continue reading