Lunchtime Poll: Pop Culture Phenomena

My wife and I are finally catching up on Breaking Bad. We are only half way through the second season. Our trip to Albuquerque kind of spurred us to watch it again. It is one of a handful of water cooler shows that I feel like I missed out on when they originally aired. In this day and age, the internet makes watching shows on TV obsolete, but has not rendered completely the idea of a water cooler show. 

I have never really watched water cooler shows. It always seemed like I was watching the shows nobody else watched. Hello Working! Nice to see you Lateline. I saw the series finale of Seinfeld. That is the earliest memory of participating in a pop culture water cooler moment. I did get on the Arrested Development train when it first aired. SportsNight continues to be one of my favorite shows. I am an OG hipster, after all. Even in college, I never specifically felt like I was watching a legit pop culture phenomena. This trend has somewhat continued into adulthood. I still have not seen more than five episodes of 30 Rock and I gave up on Grey’s Anatomy about three seasons in. I just cannot get into Mad Men or The Sopranos. I find them both kind of boring, sexist, and trite. This is where people usually give me that look. If you have ever said you hated something millions love, you know the look you get. 

This doesn’t just apply to television. Plenty of music, movies, and books apply to this same principal. Though if someone hates the Beatles, you better bet I am giving them the look.

So Persephoneers, is there a pop culture phenomena you can’t get into? Do you hate My Little Pony as much as me? Do you understand the appeal of One Direction? Is there a book that everyone loves but you don’t get it?


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2 thoughts on “Lunchtime Poll: Pop Culture Phenomena”

  1. I can’t really get into the Hunger Games. I mean, I saw the films so far, and they were alright. I also haven’t gotten into Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead. I don’t think I’ll hate them, but I tend to be the last one to get into something.

  2. The book Gone Girl. I do NOT get its appeal. I got about 1/2 through it when I realized I didn’t care for either main character and didn’t care enough about what happens to either one to finish it.

    Real Housewives or any other “reality” TV. Even the designer and cooking competitions. I like to look at the resulting clothes designs in the P-Mag article series, but I don’t care to see the drama that went into making them.

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