Lunchtime Poll: Winter Hiatus is Over!

The break is over and TV is new again and there goes my free time.

What are you looking forward to seeing on your screens again? Were you pumped to have the Greendale (almost) 7 back? Did the new season of Archer already blow your mind?

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(See what I did there?) How amped are you for TV?


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4 thoughts on “Lunchtime Poll: Winter Hiatus is Over!”

  1. I stopped watching Community in Season 4 (I tried! I really did), but with Dan Harmon back, I decided to try Season 5. Really enjoying it so far. Whatever you think of Harmon, he’s the creative force behind this show.

    So happy Sleepy Hollow is back and so sad its finale is next week!

    Parks and Rec had been having a rough season, but I really liked the most recent ep.

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