Lunchtime Poll: Your Patronus

Who or what is your patronus? 

I’m pretty sure mine is Toby Ziegler. (I will fight you. ~Selena) Let’s face it; if you’re facing down Dementors who want to suck all the happiness out of you, what better to confront them with than a grouchy, sarcastic curmudgeon who thinks (nay, knows) he’s smarter than everyone else?

Gif from the West Wing of Toby Ziegler saying "There is literally no one in the world that I don't hate right now."
GPOY, frequently


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10 thoughts on “Lunchtime Poll: Your Patronus”

  1. Hi, I’m new here to Persephone, and I wish I could have a patronus. Mine would totally be my dog, izzy. She is extremely lovable, and wold hold dementors off by licking them. Either that or she’d be scared and would hide behind me (she looks scary, but is a terrible guard dog). Maybe I should come up with a better choice…

  2. My little sister. She possesses all of the qualities I like about myself without the negatives, and she hasn’t been trod on by life yet and just has so much potential. Watching her grow up and become even more awesome gives me so much happiness and hope! As my happy thought, I think she would be the perfect patronus :)

  3. Oh, three-legged black cat. Totally. He would yowl at the Dementor for food until the Dementor went away, got Sheba, then realised it was simpler just to yield to the cat’s demands rather than try and suck out the happiness of anyone else.

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