New Show Recap: American Horror Story 3×10, “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks”

On this week’s American Horror Story, Marie and Fiona’s ebony and ivory act ends in death.

[Please see stegawhorusrex’s post for a complete list of triggers. I would also add ableism.]

We begin at Miss Robichaux’s with Fiona putting Marie to bed with a healthy dose of whiskey after the disaster at her parlor. Marie admits that her weakness shames her and especially in front of someone whom she regards as her equal. She mentions that Fiona’s kindness has “touched [her] soul” which becomes important later, and Fiona tells her that they can discuss all that and more in the morning when Marie is rested.

Only Marie will get no rest because, surprise, she sold her soul to Papa Legba a long time ago, and he’s come for his yearly payment: an innocent soul. He’s also, evidently, a coke head. What’s with this portrayal of Legba as a third-rate, Supernatural inspired, crossroads demon rip off?  Whatever, show. In any case, Marie snatches a baby from a local hospital as her sacrifice and walks off into the darkness as the baby cries into the credits.

When we return, Marie, Fiona, and Cordelia have convened to discuss their next move in the wake of Horrible Hank’s attack. Marie reveals all about Hank, and while Cordelia expresses shock, Fiona lets out her anger. She slaps Cordelia and berates her for letting Hank get so close before leaving to find Misty.

Fiona believes Misty may be the next Supreme, so she’s determined to dazzle the girl the same way she did with Madison. Fiona assures her that’s not the case just as she introduces her to none other than Stevie Nicks. Misty is so overcome with shock and adoration that she immediately faints to the floor. Fiona and Stevie share a friendly hug as Misty lies prone.

Misty Day lies on the floor while Stevie Nicks looks on in American Horror Story: Coven episode 3x10, "The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks."
Every fan everywhere can relate.

Just then, Madison, Nan, and Zoe return from what the hell ever and name drop Queenie before walking into Stevie giving a command performance of a new song she wrote especially for Misty. After Stevie gifts Misty with a new shawl and shows her some signature dance moves, Green-Eyed Madison rants to Nan and Zoe about the fuss over Misty and declares herself the next Supreme. Nan disagrees and demonstrates her newfound powers of mind control by directing Madison to stick a cigarette where the sun don’t shine. Zoe puts a stop to this boring nonsense so we can get back to my plotting queens.

Sure enough, Cordelia finds out about Hank’s father’s corporation, so Fiona hatches a scheme to bankrupt them. She likes to weaken her enemies before going on the attack. As Marie and Fiona prepare a spell to do just that, Cordelia pleads to help. Fiona screams at her to step off and tells her that she’s, basically, a useless flop of a witch. Cordelia runs off to cry or whatever while Marie and Fiona complete the spell and the Delphi Corporation’s assets are brought down by the federal government for dirty dealings.

The spell weakens Fiona, and she begs Marie to tell her the secret of eternal youth. So, Marie finally shares her story. After she had given birth to her first and only child she, in her hubris, decided that she wanted to live forever and go on being the most powerful lady around. Legba heard her and, in exchange for her soul and the soul of an innocent, he granted her wish. Only, oops, that meant that Marie had to give up her newborn baby to Legba. She warns Fiona not to mess with Legba. But, we all know that Fiona’s going do to the exact opposite of anything that’s a good idea when it comes to trying to hold onto her youth.

In town, there’s a funeral parade with Madison and Misty following close behind. Wow, looking at this funeral procession, one might start to think there are actually Black people in New Orleans. Anyway, they trade jabs and blather about who’s the next Supreme, and Madison demonstrates that she also possesses the power of resurrection just as Misty demonstrates her mind control powers. Madison tells Misty that, in order to be a true Supreme, she needs to find her own identity and stop trying to be Stevie Nicks. She can symbolize this newfound individualism by dumping the shawl Stevie gave her into the now empty casket of a very confused man wandering around the cemetery like Night of the Living Dead. Of course, as Misty turns away to dump the shawl, Madison knocks her out with a brick, shoves her into the casket, and dances away with the shawl as the casket is placed into a stone crypt.

Meanwhile, Nan and Zoe visit Mommy Dearest to see if they can find Luke’s body in the hopes that Misty can bring him back. When she reveals that she cremated Luke, Nan’s had enough. She tosses Zoe out on her ass while she berates Luke’s mom, reveals that she knows who killed him, and finally makes the woman drink bleach. All the while, I become a one woman cheer section because, goddammit, I’ve been waiting all season to see Nan deliver this lady her comeuppance.

Nan (Jamie Brewer) looms over the neighbor in American Horror Story: Coven episode 3x10, "The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks."
Time for a taste of your own bleach, Mommy Dearest.

At Miss Robichaux’s, Cordelia continues to cry about Fiona casting her off while Myrtle jams on her Theremin. When Cordelia asks her what to do next, Myrtle tells her that, hey, it’s hard living in Fiona’s shadow, but buck the fuck up, kiddo. Cordelia promptly throws a shit fit and smashes everything in sight while Myrtle continues to play the Theremin and tsk tsk Fiona for being a hater.

Gif of Myrtle from American Horror Story: Coven episode 3x10, "The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks."
And a reaction gif was born.

We briefly visit Horrible Hank’s even more horrible dad who declares war on the witches before we rejoin Fiona, who’s trying to make a deal with Legba. Legba rejects her deal because Fiona, as it turns out, has no soul to sell. Literally no one, anywhere, is surprised by this. She and the Axeman, who is suddenly here now, I guess, decide that her only course of action is to return to murdering the noobs.

In another part of the house, Nan declares that she would be a great next Supreme even if she did murder the neighbor lady, then sets off to find out the source of a strange sound. It’s none other than the baby Marie kidnapped to sacrifice to Legba. When Marie demands the baby back, Nan threatens her and Fiona before stomping off.

Wrong move, Nan, for Fiona decides that she and Marie can take care of both of their problems by taking care of Nan. They drown her in the bathtub and offer her up to Legba instead. Fiona insists that Nan is mostly innocent. Yeah, yeah, she murdered the neighbor, but “the bitch had it coming.” Legba warns that Fiona and Marie working together are a force to be reckoned with before deciding that Nan’s soul will do.

Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett) and Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange) in American Horror Story: Coven episode 3x10, "The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks."
“Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmonyyyyy” or something like that.

Nan willingly goes because fuck Fiona and the coven at this point. I couldn’t agree more, Nan. I couldn’t agree more.

Post-murder, Stevie Nicks gives one last performance as Fiona contemplates all that she’s done and her next move.

Next week: The witches realize Fiona and Marie murdered Nan and so decide to try to murder Fiona. Again.

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