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Our friend and former P-Mag writer Sonia Saraiya described Killer Women as a love story by and for women in her review on A/V Club. She also called Tricia Helfer, whose Caprica Six I named my car for, a lightweight. One part of her review was spot on.

I met Tricia Helfer once, at a BSG con in sunny Burbank, California. She was very tall, and very kind, and most people who tried to speak with her stammered, because she is a very attractive woman. She seemed nervous, which I’m sure I would be if I were on the menu at a con, but when she was doing panels, she was funny, sharp, and engaged. I would have given my pants to Aaron Douglas (he didn’t ask) at that con, because he is a very smooth man, but I remember meeting Tricia the most. She’s been working since BSG ended, she had a recurring role on Burn Notice (as an assassin), she did a guest spot on Criminal Minds (also as an assassin), and I’ve seen her in a handful of other things.

In Killer Women, Helfer plays Texas Ranger Molly Parker. Molly hates dresses, seems to like her gun and truck a lot, and Molly gets the bad guys/ladies. She has a soon-to-be ex-husband, a very cute boyfriend in the DEA, a brother played by former BSG castmate Michael Trucco, and a plucky Texan accent which isn’t terrible. She also plays the trumpet every Tuesday at the Continental Club.

The title of the first episode “La Sicaria” translates to “the minion.” It’s our first clue that not everything in Killer Women is going to be as it appears. I don’t want to spoil the twist, which is more clever than I’d typically expect in a procedural, but it does involve a somewhat literal red herring.

Killer Women isn’t brilliant TV, but it’s solidly entertaining. It’s great to see a woman in the typical cowboy/the law story, and it’s great to see a show produced by women.

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