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Another strong week, even if some shows are going into crazy-land a bit. We’ve got drama, action and lots of talking. Tokyo Raven and Hamatora have been the highlights of the week.

Tokyo Raven ep 15

The aftermath of Douman’s attack episodes was kept short. The kids had to change schools because the other one was too damaged, so they moved to one of the magical police offices. Oh, and Natsume’s father, who has premonition powers, took away the Raven coat before Douman showed up. It was at the school.

OK, they shouldn’t have recast Hokuto VA here; that is just going to be confusing to the viewers. Souma Takiko is a new character who apparently wants to be a Shaman, but I think that is a lie. She’s a bit too knowledgeable.

Suzu is rather funny, as is kid-Douman. Yeah, Douman didn’t die, he just turned into a little kid. Going by where the kids were going when they met them, looks like he wanted to see Ootome Jin at the hospital, but Amani was already there. Speaking of Amani, he’s so dying in a few episodes, death flags everywhere. He decided to clean up the Shamanic bureau and investigation bureau of the Twin-Horn syndicate, but his direct subordinate is a member — not sure how this will work.

We also learn something interesting: Saotome Ryou is pronounced Saotome Suzu and it’s a girl.

Samurai Flamenco ep 14

Holy you know what!

So our hero caused a bit of an issue with his coming out about From Beyond all attacks. 65,523 members of the evil organization even made phone calls to corroborate their plan. Although, another broadcast sort of resolved the issue of riots and troubles.

It did not solve the problem of 65,523 monsters attacking Tokyo, though. They even planned to blow up the Fuji volcano to destroy Japan. So how was this problem resolved? Well, Kaname brought reinforcements. See, all superhero shows in Japan are made with real superheroes. Which means it’s the country with the highest superhero count in the world. Kaname left the last episode to get his old friends into costume, literally. Although, the ending was the real shocker: Hazama has an evil twin brother who calls himself Beyond Flamenco.

This show will totally investigate each and every trope of the superheroes shows. All of them. In only 24 episodes. It’s sort of awesome.

Buddy Complex ep 3

Yeah, fast tracked history lesson. You know, I expected Zoglia to be something like Russia, but no, it started in Kazakhstan and Mongolia. It soon took over China and Russia, because they discovered large deposits of magical-material there.

I just realized that I forgot to say that a mecha called Luxon makes me think of Guild Wars 1, every time its name is mentioned. So the “bad guy” commander is called Alfried Gallant, or that is his mecha name. Going by the “good guy” reaction, he’s well-known, which means then so is OP.

Jeez, is Aoba freaking stupid. Like really, really stupid. That kid has no brain. Although, at the same time it’s refreshing to have a stupid mecha pilot main character who almost causes his “team” to lose a winning confrontation in the third episode.

Hamatora ep 3

Strange to have a “find scandals” at the Facultas Academy in the third episode. Seems a bit early to me, although it was nice exposition. We learn that graduates of the academy get postings in big companies and the government.

A still image from Hamatora ep 3.
Art and the crazy professor

We also learn that Murasaki, Nice’s partner, graduated as the second best student of the Academy. You already know that the number one spot is super special because that student is classified (and we learn that it is Nice). The organization that asked for the scandal is called The Association for the Health, Protection and Equality of Youths. That’s a mouthful.

And just like Nice, I don’t trust the people who came over with the request to find scandals at the Academy. It also appears that this was the proper reaction. Remember the serial killer? Well, his victims had a drug in their body that isn’t easy to obtain in Japan and that association ordered a lot and gave them all to a dude called Professor Moral. (Jeez, I wonder if the Academy picks the kids’ names: Art, Nice, Moral.)

After hearing Professor Moral’s speech about strong and weak men and equality, I think he should be called Professor Anti-Moral or just SuperCrazy, that fits, too. Poor Art, though. I like Art, even if he has no power.

We got a bit of a Psycho-Pass redux story-wise here, with the bad guy having an obsession with Nice.

Nobunaga The Fool ep 3

Red Mecha, you already know it’s going to be OP. Looks like the Fool of Oda made some new enemies, going by the OP it’s going to be the main one for a while.

This week’s tarot card is the chariot, and Jeanne successfully dressed as a guy. That must hurt a lot, being all strapped like that. We also have a bit of anti-Western sentiment in this episode. We also discover Nobu’s archery skills are overpowered and that making a mecha with an open “visor” on the front is not a good idea.

Looks like King Arthur is a megalomaniac jerk and Takeda Shingen really has an OP armor. Seems like there is something called Regalia that can make War armor more powerful. I believe that Jeanne has one and there is another lady that might have two (along with strange powers). That lady is Queen Himiko of Yamatai. She sort of screwed Nobu to marry.

Jeanne has a fear of fire and prophetic spider senses. I sort of expected the fire thing, but not the spider sense.

Nobunagun ep 3

Making illusions is cool, having no web access is not. Although, high school girls are not the only one who need that. The Dogoo training facility restricts outside communication, as if fishes could read.

Ogura is a freak, she knows all the planes. The anime is actually good to learn what different military planes do in real life. There is also a bunch of soldiers from various countries on the base she’s training at.

A still image from Nobunagun ep 3
The truth about the world

Another good episode, although the ending was hard. I feel like this show is going to just ramp up the drama episode after episode.

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