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God bless Ladyblogland, land of the free and home of people bravely writing potentially embarrassing articles.

Ladyblogland did a bad job with PoC last week thanks to XOJane’s rather tone-deaf discussion of one white woman’s observations of the only black woman in her yoga class (spoiler: assumptions were made). Here is a roundup of how the Internet responded: The GlossPlus Size PrincessFlavorwire (really, just Google it, you’ll see a ton of great responses)

If you’ve spent any time in Ladyblogland, you know that a lot of it is about pointing fingers at people’s feminism and proclaiming it #problematic. The Nation tackled this thorny issue.

Barneys is releasing an ad campaign featuring trans* models. New York Times

This may be of interest to y’all: Them, the new trans* literary magazine, is accepting submissions. The Rumpus

Why do we always say women are paid less than men but never say men are paid more than women? Sociological Images 

Not ladyblog news per se, but Ladyblogland people love their Benedict Cumberbatch. Turns out his family made a fortune off of slavery. Whether you consider his roles in movies like 12 Years a Slave sufficient atonement for his family is up to you. The Daily Mail

A new Sappho poem, everyone! The Telegraph

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  1. The XOJane article has been bugging me for DAYS. DAYS. Because it had the potential to be SO GOOD, if at any time the author had stopped fake navel gazing for one minute. If she had stopped after, “there was a black woman at yoga. Why did I even notice that?” and then had deconstructed why it was so striking to her to see a POC in one of the spaces she regularly inhabits. If she had stopped after, “She resented me [for being perfect]” and went, wait? Why do I think that? Why did I just automatically jump to someone being angry because they don’t “belong” in this space? If she had decided to ignore all their differences, and just be like, “You know what? Yoga is really hard, but you can get the hang of it,” instead of just going home and crying because only skinny white girls do yoga.


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