Middlemarch Madness IV: Last Chance Nominations

We’re almost ready to start narrowing down the contenders, but I wanted to give everyone one more chance to nominate your favorites. 

Thanks everyone who’s nominated so far! And special thanks for being so diligent about including the author and book. You saved the research unicorns a lot of time.

To see other nominations, you can check here, here, here, or here. You can add your nominations in those threads, or below.

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7 thoughts on “Middlemarch Madness IV: Last Chance Nominations”

  1. Adult Fantasy
    Auraya- Age of the Five Trilogy- Trudi Canavan
    Sonea- Black Magician Trilogy/ Traitor Spy Trilogy- Trudi Canavan
    Vin- Mistborn Trilogy- Brandon Sanderson

    YA Fantasy
    Clare- Watchers Series/ Guardian Series- Lynnie Purcell (possibly my all-time favourite character- she’s just so ballsy!)
    Fire- Fire (Graceling Series)- Kristin Cashore
    Avry- Avry of Kazaan Series- Maria V. Snyder
    Yelena- Study Series- Maria V. Snyder

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