This Week in Misogyny’s Bra Just Popped Open

Because I love you all! (You’ll have to read on to find out what I’m talking about.) Unfortunately, I don’t love most of the news I have to bring you this week. But there is a bit more good stuff than usual! Silver lining. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.)

A law being considered by the Alabama Senate would allow hospitals to refuse treatment to women having miscarriages because apparently intervening to protect a woman’s health and/or future fertility when she’s losing the pregnancy anyway is just too close to abortion for these idiots.

All five of North Carolina’s Republican candidates for the Senate have apparently either never heard of Griswold v. Connecticut, in which the Supreme Court ruled that states can’t block access to contraceptives, or they disagree with the ruling.

Thumbs up to Minnesota, which is considering the “Women’s Economic Security Act of 2014,” which would raise the state’s minimum wage to $9.50, give people paid sick leave, expand childcare access, and more.

Another thumbs up to the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, which just started a new campaign that supports sex ed and reproductive choice, which is much more in line with the beliefs of most religious Americans than the “Ban everything!” rhetoric we usually hear.

The abortion rate in the U.S. was at a 30-year low from 2008-11, largely due to increased use of contraception.

Alaska has three times more reported rapes than the U.S. average. Unfortunately, CNN inexplicably thought it was appropriate to take the Upworthy approach when they tweeted out a link to their story (and many others that are far too serious for such flippant clickbait).

Tweet by CNN reading, "What state has highest rate of rape in the country? It may surprise you. "
Seriously?? Via CNN’s twitter feed

Speaking of Twitter, Todd Kincannon is a fucking douchebag troll. Har-de-har, the whole “I just like to get people riled up!” line doesn’t mean it’s ok to tweet shit like “The best thing about the Wendy Davis fiasco is this: It proves that you can still call a whore a whore. Feminazis ain’t won yet, my friends.”

Former San Diego police officer Anthony Arevalos is serving an eight-year prison sentence after being convicted of felony sexual assault and accepting bribes, but for some reason the city has hired a PI to follow around the Jane Doe who filed the first complaint against him.

Remember Mary Barra, the first female CEO of General Motors? She’s set to earn just half of what her male predecessor made (though GM has attempted to justify this disparity and says her next contract may increase her earnings).

AOL just announced cuts to their 401(k) plans and blamed it on the expenses incurred by sick babies born to two female employees.

Super Bowl misogyny and other assorted fuckery!

I really can’t stand women who are misogynists. This week, it’s Fox News host Martha MacCallum, who argued that women don’t want to narrow the wage gap and that we’re already paid what we’re worth.

So much hand-wringing from Bill O’Reilly about why President Obama isn’t spending enough time scolding black single moms. But ew, let’s not talk about underlying economic issues!

Sorry, bros!

  • You can’t decide not to show up to your Women’s Studies class because it’s full of women and then sue the professor when you lose attendance/participation points and fail the class.
  • You aren’t becoming “a disadvantaged group” because women are applying to college in higher numbers.
  • You need to stop being jackasses about Felicia Day cutting her hair short. (Besides, the “before” picture you’re sending around as evidence of her “decreased hotness” isn’t even her.)

Maybe a women’s college isn’t the best place to put a creepy statue of a mostly naked “Sleepwalker” dude, and I’m really disappointed in the collective eyerolling in response to some women saying they were triggered by it.

A another study confirms that the HPV vaccine doesn’t turn teenage girls into big ol’ sluts. I love when science proves dumbasses to be wrong.

A Chicago woman was fired from her part-time job at Whole Foods because she had to miss a shift to take care of her developmentally-disabled son due to school closures.

I love puns, but there’s just no universe in which “Date Grape Koolaid” is an acceptable name for a daiquiri.

Dumb argument of the day — Barbie has to be unrealistically skinny for her clothes to fit. Because clothes can’t be made in different sizes!

Recommended Reading

  • Think Progress has a good summary of the move to ban “telemedicine abortion” in Iowa. (Though I’m feeling just a wee bit smug about their headline — “The Stealth Campaign To Destroy Abortion Rights That You Haven’t Heard Anything About” — since I covered it in this column back in July.)
  • The Daily Kos has a petition asking Texas and the John Peter Smith Hospital to absolve Marlise Munoz’s family of the medical debt they incurred while she was kept on life support against their wishes.
  • Rebecca Watson on why PETA’s overly sexualized ads actually decrease support for their cause.
  • Soraya Chemaly on why Americans fear women with friends.
  • Tracy Morrison (no, not THAT one!) wrote a letter to Nordstrom about why their “To hell with beauty sleep I want skinny sleep” pillow sends a horrible message to young girls like her daughter and can be extremely triggering to people like her who have struggled with eating disorders. They apologized and agreed to pull the pillow from stores.
  • Models speak out about creepazoid celebrity photographer Terry Richardson.
  • Gawker reminds us that multiple women have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault.
  • Of course the biggest story this week has been the firestorm surrounding Dylan Farrow’s open letter in the New York Times about her sexual abuse by Woody Allen, but since that deserves far more than the cursory glance I could give it here, we’ll have a full post about it tomorrow.

Finally, what in the fresh fuck is this? There are SO many things wrong with this concept that I don’t even know where to begin. Who wants a bra that flies open every time your heart rate gets elevated? Or one that you apparently can’t take off yourself? Gah.

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  1. I liked the Coca-Cola commercial (and the Budweiser puppy/Clydesdale BFFs commercial, because eeeeeeeeeeeeeee). It was friendly and warm.

    Speaking of misogyny. I had to rant on fb when I got home this evening. I’ll share with y’all.

    “Guys, men, boys of the world. Yes, all of you. You need to know something.

    You know that habit some of y’all have, where you comment on a woman’s appearance without any preamble or context? It needs to stop.

    It ain’t charming, it ain’t impressive, and it sure as shit ain’t cute.

    Especially when you’re driving and she’s walking. I know that you think of yourself as being suave. You may even picture yourself as a prince on horseback, so overcome by beauty that you just HAVE to tell her.

    You know what it feels like? It feels more like you’re that jackass who speeds up when they see a pedestrian crossing an intersection. The non-committal polite responses you get aren’t conversation or a sign that she’s interested. It’s a sign that she’s lived in the world long enough to know that not responding (or responding negatively) in such a situation can end very, very badly.

    Women deserve better than this shit. *I* deserve better than this shit. I expect better of men, because I really do think y’all are CAPABLE of better (some are just more in the habit of not being shitheads in public).

    Knock this shit off.

    Oh, and if you think that you’re here to “rescue” a woman from a terrible fate of singleness or maybe a dragon? *I* am the dragon.”

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