Lunchtime Poll: Most Embarrassing Drunk Story

I have quite a few stories to share under my belt.

I had some old friends visit me in town this past weekend, which has been both refreshing and also awkwardly reminiscent of my not-so-long-ago party girl past. Along with leaving my friends and family in California, I also left a part of me that I have no wish to reunite with again.

But of course, with seeing old friends, comes the memories and conversations of things we used to do together. So when the multiple stories of my drunken debauchery came up, I had quite the earful and laughter. I’ll spare you the details and just briefly describe that one particular memory involves me getting cross-faded (both drunk and high) and then immediately getting sick, projectile throwing up everywhere, and needing to be pushed on a rolling desk chair to the car. Yeah, it wasn’t pretty AT ALL. You don’t even need to know the context of that story to know that it was embarrassing.

OK, I shared mine — what’s your most embarrassing drunk story? Was it a funny event or was it one that you’d like to be buried already? Trust me, I won’t laugh about it, if you don’t want me to.

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