Sixth Middlemarch Madness Bracket Poll

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[E] Selena MacIntosh*Sixth Middlemarch Madness Bracket Poll

11 Comments on “Sixth Middlemarch Madness Bracket Poll”

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  1. Profile photo of LadyOverseas

    Yay Lyra! Oh man am I stressed for next week – the powerhouse that is Luna Lovegood will be a tough match-up.

    And I have never met Death or Thursday…clearly they are characters that I must needs acquaint myself with. Off to the library this weekend. But still – Lyra or GTFO, ladies!

    1. Profile photo of freckle [M]
      freckle [M]


      Sandman Chronicles – wonderfulhorribleachingterrifying graphic novel series

      Thursday Next (less images)
      has a pet dodo, is detective of Jurisfiction – to keep sure fiction behaves and doesn’t enter the real world, and from time to time a husband, if he isn’t eradicated.

  2. Profile photo of Anne

    Ooof. This one was hard. Jo March or Anne Shirley?? Alanna or Lyra??? Augh. It only goes downhill from here, methinks.

    1. Profile photo of Emily

      Me, too! I’m starting to wonder if I’m bookish or clever enough to be a member of the Iron Unicorn Army. But hey, look at all the potentially fabulous books to add to our reading lists!

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