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On the 23rd, Amazon announced an exclusive deal with HBO, which brings many of HBO’s original series to the internet retailer’s Prime service. This marks the first time HBO content has been available online anywhere but HBO (legally, at least) and marks a huge coup in the streaming wars. So on May 21st, anyone with a Prime membership will have access to shows like The Wire and Rome, as well as earlier seasons of popular series like True Blood. No current content seems to be part of the deal; seasons must be at least three years old to be included on the streaming service.

Title cards for HBO series available on Amazon.

In the meantime while we wait for May 21st to roll around, there are still plenty of indulgent picks on the streaming service for days when you need a little Twizzlers-and-Moscato time. Last week, I highlighted some of the older television movie offerings (wet melodramas!) and back in March, the delightful Sally pointed out some movie offerings that aren’t over on their competitor Netflix.

This week, I’ve picked some — let’s call them delightfully mindless — TV series available on Instant Streaming. We all need some mindless TV time. Don’t look too close at the reality offerings or you’ll see the guy with the cue cards standing offscreen.

Celebrity Ghost Stories

A director's chair sits in a spooky forest.

Three seasons of this gossipy docu-series are available for streaming in which “celebrities” (in many senses of the word) tell their real life encounters with ghosts. Guests include Regis Philbin, Brett Michaels, Mindy Cohen, and Joan Rivers, among others. Best for those insomnia evenings.

My Ghost Story

White title card with a ghostly hand print.

I like “true” ghost stories, OK? You’re not my mom! I’ll watch what I want. Which happens to be six seasons of this so-bad-it’s-good docu-series about regular people’s encounters with the supernatural.

Veronica Mars


Remember a couple of years ago, when Veronica Mars mysteriously disappeared from Netflix? Well, it ended up on Prime in time for a rewatch before the movie came out. Now that the movie is out and you still haven’t watched this incredible series about a teen detective investigating her corrupt town, spend a couple of hours over the weekend finding out what you missed. And you can follow along with our retro recap of the series.

Drunk History

Washington crosses the Potomac with a couple of kegs.

The Comedy Central series, based on the popular web series, illuminates American history through the oral recollections of wasted actors and comedians, which are then reenacted by (probably sober) actors.

Dance Moms

Photo of Abby Lee Miller standing in front of her dancers against a grey background.

Only two of the available five seasons are streaming for free, but that’s probably enough for this obviously-staged and yet addictive series about a Pittsburgh dance instructor and her dance team. Everyone’s pretty terrible except for the adorable little girls, who are awfully impressive with their flipping and twirling and jumping.

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  1. I love Drunk History. I believe I did a “What I watched last night” post about it before they were on Comedy Central and it was just the Vimeo account.

    I’m excited to finally be able to watch The Wire. I’ve never gotten around to it because I dropped the DVD portion of my Netflix subscription.

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