Friday News Bites: More on Net Neutrality, New (Potential) Cancer Cure + More

Happy Friday, my lovely unicorns. Would you like some newsy bits to send you into the weekend? Would you like them with a side of “In CJ Cregg We Trust?” Then let’s get to it:

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic believe they may have found a potential cancer cure involving a superdose of the measles vaccine. They stress it won’t work for everyone, nor for every type of cancer, but it’s a start.

In other Science News: there’s a new breed of bat out there, and it’s striped like a badger.

Net Neutrality faces further battle as the FCC, while still opening themselves to public comment, continue to leave “tiered” service on the table. Make your feelings known, friends.

I can envision the action movies set here already: “Chinese experts ‘in discussions’ over building high-speed Beijing-US railway.”

In Japan, a family was recently reunited with their cat three years after losing it during the tsunami. Awww.

The Senate has confirmed the first Native American woman as a Federal Judge: Diane Humetewa, a member of the Hopi Tribe who will serve in Arizona.

There’s a new company out there, Quippi, that aims to assist immigrants working in the U.S. who are sending money to family in their home country. Essentially, it’s a fee-free international gift card-based service that avoids some of the problems with wiring money. So that’s pretty cool.

In sad news: Acclaimed sci-fi artist H.R. Giger died this week at age 74.

Also, 19-year-old Stephen Sutton, who raised over £3 million for the Teenage Cancer Trust charity, died on Wednesday after his own battle with cancer.

Finally, let us end with this oral history of The West Wing because we like good things. Any final thoughts, CJ Cregg?


I don’t know about you, but I like having that information in my life.

Until next time, friends!



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