FMK: Gilmore Girls Edition

Which Gilmore Girls characters would you fuck, marry, and kill?

The Loreleis

  • Rory

Gif from Gilmore Girls of Rory on the phone, saying, "Cool. I've got about the next two and a half hours planned, and then there's just darkness and possibly some dragons."

  • Lorelei

Gif from Gilmore Girls of Lorelei telling Max, "I'm attracted to pie. It doesn't mean I feel the need to date pie."

  • Gran

Gif from Gilmore Girls of Gran saying, "I suppose I shall just put these nuts in my hands" while gesturing.

Rory’s Boyfriends

  • Dean
  • Jess
  • Logan

Lorelei’s Fiancés/Husbands

  • Max Medina
  • Christopher
  • Luke

Lane’s Boyfriends

  • Henry Cho
  • Dave Rygalski
  • Zach

Paris’s Boyfriends

  • Jamie
  • Professor Fleming
  • Doyle

The BFFs

  • Lane
  • Paris
  • Sookie

And now for the vaguely sadistic options…

  • Taylor
  • Kirk
  • Michel


  • Miss Patty
  • Babette
  • Mrs. Kim

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One thought on “FMK: Gilmore Girls Edition”

  1. Rory’s Boyfriends
    Kill- Dean
    Marry- Jess
    Fuck- Logan

    Lorelei’s Fiancés/Husbands
    Fuck- Max Medina
    Kill- Christopher
    Marry- Luke

    Lane’s Boyfriends
    Kill (by default)- Henry Cho
    Marry- Dave Rygalski
    Fuck- Zach

    Paris’s Boyfriends
    Marry- Jamie
    Kill- Professor Fleming
    Fuck – Doyle

    The BFFs
    Marry- Lane
    Fuck- Paris
    Marry- Sookie
    I refuse to choose between Sookie and Lane. I love them both equally in their own wonderful way.

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