This Weekend Open Thread is Not THAT Kind of Tea Party

Ugh, they really ruined that phrase.

The gross conservative assbagels of the Tea Party have made it so I cringe whenever I mention, oh, a gathering of friends who decide to share some leaves brewed in hot water.

I’m supposed to go to one this weekend, and I cringe every time I mention it. Conservative assbagels ruin everything.

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7 thoughts on “This Weekend Open Thread is Not THAT Kind of Tea Party”

  1. Yeah but remember back when they were calling themselves teabaggers? That still cheers me up. Next time something like that happens, we have to make a mass pact that no one tell them.

    1. In our defense, how were we supposed to know that some of them could actually use the internet?

      My Father-in-Law identifies with them, and his computer is older than my marriage…and we just had our 10th anniversary!

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