The Return of the Fall Bracket

After taking a year off, and hearing in the reader survey that it was missed, we’re bring back the Wonderful World of Women (on TV) Bracket. 

Previous winners Buffy and The Goddamn(*) Golden Girls are disqualified, but nearly any other woman or girl on TV is eligible, past, present, cable, network, and web-based are all welcome. You’ll have until next week to think of your nominees, but feel free to start discussing your ideas in the comments below.

*This is an affectionate goddamn.

Will it be Julia Sugarbaker’s year? Perhaps a legal lady, like Clair Huxtable, Alex Cabot, or Alicia Florrick? Maybe an anti-heroine, like Claire Underwood or Olivia Pope?

Prepare your passionate arguments now, dear readers (and watchers). There can only be one winner**.

** Unless there are four winners, like last time.

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4 thoughts on “The Return of the Fall Bracket”

  1. I would just like “The Ladies of Litchfield (But Not Piper)” to be a contestant. Because I can’t pick just one, but I don’t want them competing against each other either. That could get bloody. And I would like to see them go up against any member of the Clone Club.

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