TV Bracket: Brazen Ladies of the ’80s Nominations

Julia Sugarbaker. Clair Huxtable. Alexis Carrington. Murphy Brown. Carla. Roseanne. Assorted blonde moms. 

In the eighties, women on TV got to have it all. Gorgeous children, fulfilling, high-powered jobs, adoring and adorable spouses. They also had shoulder pads, neon, and over-sized plastic jewelry, so it wasn’t all paychecks and romantic dinners.

Which ’80s television women do you think deserve a shot at this year’s title?

Badass 80s Television Women

Nominate all your favorite ladies from 80s television shows here.
  • Enter the character's name here, first and last if possible.
  • Who played (or voiced) this character?
  • What show did the character appear on?
  • Why do you think this character stands out?

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