Birthday Giveaway: Custom Amigurumi Unicorn

There’s nothing we love more here than unicorns*, so I’m crocheting a custom amigurumi unicorn for one lucky winner!

I initially made this one for the giveaway, but the kiddo loved it so much that I couldn’t possibly take it away from her. Which could work out in your favor, because the winner will get to choose whatever color scheme they want (within the limits of the colors I can actually find).

white amigurumi unicorn with rainbow hair and a lavender horn

white amigurumi unicorn with rainbow hair and a lavender horn

The finished unicorn will be about 6″ tall. Since it’ll be custom-made, it could take a couple weeks for me to get the supplies and make it. Any color schemes mentioned in the comments are not binding; I’ll contact the winner to pick actual colors and work out any other details. Thanks to Ahooka for making such a fun pattern!

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*My amigurumi skills aren’t up to making a David Tennant yet. I wish!

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