New Show Recap: How to Get Away with Murder 1.10, “Hello Raskolnikov”

WE’RE BAAAAACK! It’s weekly recap time again! Welcome back… Murderers? (Still working on that nickname.) Before I start the recap, I have to put this out there. CONGRATULATIONS to the lovely Viola Davis who won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series for her role as Professor Annalise Keating. Her speech was truly amazing!

Ok, back to the recap. If you haven’t been watching the reruns, here’s a quick summary of where we left off. The winter finale wrapped everything up and showed us what happened the night Sam Keating was killed. We know the Keating Five (minus Asher) did it and we know that Annalise knows and is going to help them cover it up because, well, he had it coming as far as she’s concerned.

So tonight’s episode opens up with Annalise being interviewed by detectives. She tells them how she just found out that Sam was having an affair, how she confronted him and told him she was going to have a DNA test to find out who was the daddy of the dead girl’s fetus, and how his violent reaction led her to believe that he just may be the one who killed Lila. Oh but you didn’t recognize that mysterious photo of your husband’s naked dangly bits when it was all over the news? No, she tells the (male) detective, she didn’t because women don’t obsess over every detail of their lovers’ bodies. Wait, what’s with that knowing glance between her and the (female) detective? Hmmm…

And here comes her alibi. She went to a friend’s house to calm down after her big fight with Sam and when she got home, he was gone. Oh turn on them tears, honey! Show ‘em why you got that SAG Award! Now we’re flashing back to the night of the murder; Annalise is instructing Wes on what to do with the body, telling him they have to burn it. So while Wes is rigging that coin toss, Annalise is making that phone call to Bonnie that establishes her belief that Sam is just missing, not dead. Mr. Detective asks for the name of her alibi and she tells him it was Officer Sexy… um, I mean Nate Lahey. And there’s that look from Ms. Detective again. What’s her deal? Did she have a thing with him too?

Speaking of Nate, Annalise runs into him as she’s leaving the police station. She lets him know that she gave him up as her alibi. And there’s Ms. Detective watching Nate and Annalise. She’s just shooting suspicious looks at everybody today.

The Keating Five are standing on the porch of Sam and Annalise’s home, waiting to be interviewed by the investigators. Connor is going to be the first one to crack. Laurel subtly warns him that it would not be a good idea for any of them to go to the police to sell out the others. Annalise arrives and while everyone else is freaking out about being involved in a murder investigation, Michaela just wants to know if they’re going to be excused from an exam.

Annalise calls Wes into her office and stresses upon him that nobody else needs to know that she is in on this, not even Rebecca. She’s got a plan. They’ll get the DNA test, prove Sam was the father, and use the laptop to prove he was on the roof of the sorority house when Lila was killed. But what if it doesn’t? Annalise assures him it will. Now how is she so sure about that? Then there’s this moment where Annalise puts her hand on Wes’ cheek and it’s… well, it’s very maternal. I still have my theory that she may be his biological mother. She fluctuates between being very firm and very tender with him in a way that a mother would. And there’s her obvious special interest in him that some seem to think is sexual, but I still vote for maternal.


Wes gives Annalise her husband’s ring. He took it off of Sam before they disposed of his body and he thought she might want it. Not sure if her having the ring in her possession is going to help or hurt. After a nasty little encounter with the DA, we’re back to the Keating Five being interviewed. Each interview flashes back to the night of the murder. Wes lets them know he’s dating Rebecca. “It’s not against the law.” Ha! But murder is, son.

Annalise apologizes to Rebecca and promises her she’ll get the charges against her dropped. This registers as suspicious behavior to Rebecca and the fact that Wes isn’t freaking out makes Rebecca even more suspicious. Asher, on the other hand, IS freaking out. Well, yeah, he doesn’t know who killed Sam. Hell, he doesn’t even know Sam is dead.

Now Annalise and the Keating Five are working on building a case to prove that Sam killed Lila and Rebecca didn’t. Cue awkward moment between Laurel and Frank. Flash back to Connor hanging out at Oliver’s place, telling him he’s getting help for his “drug problem” that he made up to cover his ass that night while Oliver is hacking into some system to track Sam’s whereabouts. Back at the planning session, Wes comes up with the brilliant idea of getting Sam’s phone data from the laptop, assuming it was backed up. Asher has his little “YES!” moment when Annalise tells Bonnie to take him with her to go get the laptop out of evidence. He’s such a dork. No luck on the laptop though. The DA’s got it.

Later, the Keating Five (again, minus Asher) is working on the case. Rebecca tells them about Lila asking where she gets her birth control. Light bulb moment: maybe she was looking for a clinic for an abortion. So Annalise and the DA meet with the Judge because Annalise wants those clinic records. Request denied even though the Judge now knows about Sam and Lila.

Annalise then meets with Nate and they have a moment. Nate is convinced that Annalise knows something, but she swears to him that she doesn’t.

Now Laurel is being questioned. She tells them that Sam used to look at her. In a sexual way. Is she laying some kind of groundwork or is that just a cover for her nervousness? Later, she’s trying to feel Frank out to see what he believes. And Connor is trying to lure Michaela into his plan to turn everyone in and go to the DA to confess. Bonnie wants some closure on what happened between her and Annalise, but Annalise tells her it’s in the past, forget it. Michaela earns some brownie points by finding a case that will help them get surveillance camera footage from the clinic and it works, the Judge approves it. Frank gives Annalise the DNA/paternity results.

 Frank wants to know what’s up, and Annalise says okay but Bonnie can’t know.

During Asher’s interview with detectives, he tells them he saw Connor’s SUV in the driveway but nobody was at the house. He also tells them that about his booty call with “a lady friend” and next thing you know, the detectives are asking Bonnie about this “relationship” between her and Asher. Bonnie tells them it wasn’t a relationship and that she left the house at 9, after telling Annalise about Lila being pregnant. Later, she confronts Asher and rips him a new one for telling the detectives about them. She also makes it clear that it is never happening again.

 Now they’re all reviewing the surveillance footage from the women’s clinic, which shows Sam and Lila arguing. A receptionist confirms this. Annalise enters the DNA test into evidence and asks that charges against Rebecca be dropped and for DA Parks to turn the laptop in to be reviewed.

Now it’s Michaela’s turn to be interviewed. She went to dinner with her mother-in-law, then to Asher’s pathetic attempt at a party, then to the study group, and then the bonfire. Well of course the SUV was in the driveway. They parked there and walked to the bonfire. Michaela is starting to crack, so she goes to Connor and tells him that she’s in but that they need Laurel too. Laurel, meanwhile, is being confronted by Frank who seems to know… something. He knows she’s lying but about what?

Back in the courthouse, a forensic expert testifies that Sam’s phone data on the laptop show that he was at the sorority house at the time that Lila was killed. Rebecca gets her Get Out of Jail Free card and charges are dropped. There’s a media stampede outside of the courthouse and Annalise takes cover in a bathroom stall to regroup. She overhears two sour-faced white ladies talking about how cold-hearted she is for throwing her own husband under the bus to win a case. Wait, did she just say Annalise isn’t a person? Did she… did she just call her an animal?  Annalise steps out of the stall and… BUSTED! You know those gossiping hags could feel the sweat running down their backs!

Connor and Michaela ask Laurel to join them. “Ok. I’m in,” she says. So the three of them head to the police station. Oh but look who’s there! Annalise… and Wes… turns out Laurel figured out that Annalise knows so she told Wes who told Annalise. Still following? Anyway, Annalise talks them out of turning themselves in.

Back in the classroom, Annalise is giving the entire class an assignment involving a case that sounds awfully familiar, a case where one person kills someone and a group of others help with disposing the body. “The goal is to get these individuals acquitted of all charges. There is a way. Find it.”

During Connor’s interview, he expresses sympathy for Professor Keating. He paints them a picture of her being a tough cookie who is actually quite tougher than she looks given the circumstances. Later, Connor is on the phone, calling Annalise and telling her to get down to the police station because there’s a problem.

 “Your sister-in-law is in town.” Oh shit. (Hey, at least we know who Marcia Gay Harden is playing now.)

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