News in Europe: Good News for Men

I know! Not fair. (But hey, it’s good news for some women, just not me.)

But it looks like the god-given right to stand up while peeing has been upheld by a court in Germany. But you know what? I’m sure that ruling applies to women, too, so shall we? Not I, but bless you if you can. Here is some other, less amusing news:

The violence in Ukraine is again intensifying. In the last week alone, a mortar attack on a bus in Donetsk killed at least eight, and the shelling of Mariupol on Saturday has so far cost at least 30 lives.

This Tuesday marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. While Poland and Russia are arguing about who didn’t invite whom, the survivors of the unspeakable find strong, clear words.

French President Francois Hollande has appealed to the French Jewish community to remain in France, their “homeland.” After an increase in antisemitic attacks, the emigration figures among the community have doubled in the past year.

Three cheers for Anne Hidalgo, who’s not taking any crap from Fox News.

In the Greek election, the left-wing anti-austerity party Syriza has won, as expected. Nobody is quite sure what this means for the EU, but knowing the world, I’m not expecting particularly good news.

Ten people have died after a Greek fighter jet crashed in Spain during a NATO training exercise.

Spanish police have arrested four suspected jihadists in Ceuta.

In a bid to raise my blood pressure and induce feelings of blind rage, Nigel Farage has declared that he thinks EU immigrants should not be allowed to vote in a possible EU exit referendum. Well, I think Ukip voters should not be allowed to vote in the general election. Just so we’re even.

What now? I can’t call my next child Nutella? What about Vodka or Haribo Balla Balla? You people are mean.

Until next week!

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