A Guide to Snow Days

It’s the winter time in the Northern Hemisphere, so you might be sleeping with your pajamas inside out and praying for a snow day all the days. Are you also an adult without real responsibilities so you can fritter away your snow day in the most wasteful ways possible? Do you even know how to waste time anymore? Childless single people, this is your time to shine.

Here’s a short list to get you through your #blessed snow day:

Get your blizzard survival kit.

Clean pajamas? Pizza? Cookies? I guess extra drinking water, flashlights and batteries are necessary, but are they as necessary as wine?

Netflix Marathon.

Finally, a day to catch up on everything Netflix. If you ever have a moment of panic over what specifically to watch when your watchlist overwhelms you, the internet is here to rescue you.

A screenshot of a Netflix watchlist.
This is actually way shorter than it used to be.

Figure out who your blizzard buddy/bae/soulmate should be.

Are you looking for a little spoon to your big spoon? Do you want someone to make out with? Do you want someone who will drink and play board games with? You can take countless quizzes online or you can stop and realize that there is only ever one answer to everything always: Gina Torres.

Check work emails

Because you’ll be panicked over what you need to catch up on. Kidding, don’t do this. It’s a snow day.

A gif from Parks and Recreation captioned "treat yo self"

Social media forever.

Scroll through countless blizzard tweets and Instagram posts until your eyes roll out of your skull and your start to forget the feeling of air on your skin. If snow falls and no one blogs about it, is it really a snowstorm?

Laugh at climate change deniers.

Because you know someone on one of your many social media feeds will be the person to say that more snow means global warming isn’t real. Oh boy.


You can read actual books in their weird paper format or you can enjoy the internet in all its majesty and find books and short stories everywhere.

Stay in bed.



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