New Show Recap: How to Get Away with Murder 1×12, “She’s a Murderer”

If you thought the biggest shocker this week was going to be the discovery of Sam’s Keating body, you better think again. It’s getting close to Season Finale time, so they’re dropping bombs on us left and right.

The Scooby Gang and Rebecca are arguing about whether or not Annalise set them up. Maybe she wanted the body to be found so they’d all get blamed and she’d be off the hook? Nah. She’s an evil genius but the emphasis is on the genius part. Frank is in his car, desperately trying to get in touch with Annalise but it’s Laurel that calls him. He’s freaking out right now so he’s yelling at her about microscopes and hand-sitting.

Meanwhile, back at Chez Keating, the cops come a-knockin’. It’s definitely Sam’s body; DNA proves it. Hannah is having a damn meltdown right there on the front porch and starts screaming at the cops to arrest Annalise but they are not having any of her nonsense.

Next morning, Annalise gets a call from Officer Sexy. He’s telling her she needs to get a burner phone; she’s telling him not to talk to the investigators. He says something about needing a lawyer; she whips out her J.D. (Juris Doctor, not Jack Daniels… although I’m sure both of them could use a drink right about now.) Oh, speaking of the investigators… there’s one now, waiting for her outside of class. Inside class, Annalise is giving a not-so-subtle lecture about self-incrimination.

Back at the office, Bonnie is whining about how nobody called her last night and how Sam kissed her before he died and somehow she’s making this about her. Go home, Bonnie. Annalise shows up thinking she’s got an appointment with a client, but the dude rescheduled because of all this mess so she heads down to the docks to rip this guy a new one.

Apparently Hannah has never seen Frozen because she knows nothing about how to let it go. She’s down at the police station demanding, again, that they arrest Annalise, talking about how Annalise and Nate killed Sam. But, see, you can’t get a search warrant based on rumors and statistics about abused kids, lady.

COVER YOUR EYES, KIDDIES! You don’t need to see these photos of Sam’s charred and chopped up body. Especially if you just had ribs for dinner. Trust me on this one.

Since Hannah is determined to get Annalise arrested for this, she decides to tell Ms. Investigator that Annalise threatened Sam. Yes, she’ll testify to that, just search the damn house.

Blah blah about this week’s client case. Mafia family, import/export business, drug shipments, etc. Frank, whose last name is Delfino, is messing with Asher. I’m a fan of this budding bromance, btw. Mafia dude flirts with the Widow Keating, pointing out that she doesn’t seem too upset about the fact that her husband just died.

Wes asks the landlord about the guy who used to live in his apartment. Turns out the guy isn’t missing, he was hauled off by the cops. And guess who called them. Rebecca. Duh. (Why does she still have those damn braids in? Somebody hold her down while I go grab the clippers.)

Annalise is still digging into this drug case, accusing the prosecutor of setting her client up. Apparently he doesn’t like her attitude so he makes a veiled threat to plant evidence that’ll get her charged with Sam’s murder.  Back at the office, the Keating Five are glued to the local news on TV when Bonnie interrupts to let Annalise know the cops are coming over to search the house. Bonnie heads over to the courthouse to contest the warrant and she asks Asher a couple of questions about the night of the bonfire while she’s at it. Later, Hannah is on the stand tattling about an argument that the Keatings had, something about Annalise throwing a paperweight at Sam during a party.

The I Hate Hannah fan club is quickly gaining members, including Bonnie and the Keating Five. And this bad blood between Hannah and Annalise is spilling out all over the place.

Looks like the search is a go. There are cops all over that place.  Uh oh. They found something. It’s the… wait, what is that? The scales from the Lady Justice statue a/k/a the murder weapon? Oh shit. Did anyone else notice those were missing? Close the curtains, it’s time for that glow-in-the-dark spray. Don’t panic, Annalise. Yeah, we know, that’s the spot where Sammy left all kinds of body fluids… gray matter, blood… Close call! They didn’t find anything thanks to Annalise’s fantastic cleaning skills.

Detective Bonnie is going through Sam’s autopsy. Girl, you better be careful. Your boss ain’t the kind of lady you want on your bad side. Annalise walks in on the gang talking about how calm she is so she calls Connor into his office and he confesses to her that they don’t trust her, they don’t believe she’s going to protect them. Annalise feeds his ego to calm him down. That’s pretty much her best trick right there. Make them feel special and then remind them how much they need you.

Nate is keeping Annalise posted on the case. They’re analyzing soil and carpet fiber and stuff. He assures her that he doesn’t think she did this. He’s her biggest fan right now.

Now we’re back at the courthouse for that mafia drug case trial. Of course, Annalise wins it. She exposes the cops and the prosecutor by proving that they set her client up. The prosecutor is PISSED.

Laurel goes to Frank, freaking out. There’s still something between them. Get some, honey. He’s hot. Wait ’til you see him without the beard.

In Annalise’s office, she’s watching the news when Detective Bonnie walks in and slams the Lady Justice trophy on her desk. She points out that a heavy metal object was used to kill Sam and that there were carpet fibers found and there’s a rug missing from the Keating foyer.

Annalise is flashing back to all of the promises she’s made to protect the gang, assuring them that they will get away with this. As she’s swimming in tears and vodka, she calls someone. “I need you. Right now.” Who did she call??

The next morning, she gets picked up by the cops for another interview. Ms. Detective hands her a photo and asks her if she recognizes whatever is in the photo. Meanwhile, Rebecca is letting the gang know that cops found a ring in the woods. Uh oh. Michaela’s hyperventilating. The ring. HER ring. Shit’s going down now.

Now back to the police station. The photo. It’s a photo of a ring. But not Michaela’s ring. It’s Sam’s ring. The one that Wes brought back to her after they disposed of the body. There’s a fingerprint on it. WHOSE? Wait. What are you doing with that glass, Frank? Why are you pulling fingerprints off of it and putting them on that ring? WHOSE GLASS IS IT?

*knock knock* Uh oh. There’s somebody at your door, Officer Sexy.

“Nate Lahey. You’re under arrest for the murder of Sam Keating.”

WHAAAAAT??? Why, Annalise, why??

Oh geez, who is she calling now?

“Mama? I need you.”


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