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So, remember that part of the State of the Union when Obama patted himself on the back for troop withdrawal from Afghanistan? Well, there’s been a change in plans.

Also, the number of covert Special Forces operations have increased.

The next time someone complains about wasteful government spending on things like universal healthcare or paid maternity leave for all, point them to this article. Apparently, the government spent $81 million on solid waste incineration systems that were never used or were not used to their full potential.

Also, the Asian Development Bank has given $130 million in aid to boost transportation in Afghanistan.

The Pakistani Taliban attacked a Shia mosque in Peshawar where 20 people were killed.

The new foreign minister of Sri Lanka has asked the UN to delay the release of a report into atrocities committed during the civil war in order to, “set up mechanisms to deal with any recommendations in the report.”

This article explores if alternative schools in China in place of the exhaustive memorization and high-pressured tests found in China and other countries is effective in modern China. Mind you, this only applies to the wealthy of course.

Human Rights Watch is calling on Thailand’s military to reject a proposal allowing them to detain civilians.

A right-wing Hindu group threatened to forcibly marry any couple found out in public being, you know, coupley on Valentine’s Day. Well, hundreds of students came dressed in wedding gear to the group’s offices in order to protest and take them up on the offer. God, I love cheeky protests.

Some in Indonesia also hate Valentine’s Day, too.

India’s economic growth now beats China’s.

A South Korean airline executive was sentenced to one year in jail for obstructing airline safety over some nuts. I personally never met a cashew I didn’t like.



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