This Open Thread Apparently Lives on Hoth

And my tauntaun will freeze before I reach the first marker!

No, but seriously, it’s way too damn cold and there’s way too much snow in the Northeast U.S.

Please reassure me that sun and grass and flowers and above-freezing temperatures exist out there somewhere. Because I’m starting to forget.

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4 thoughts on “This Open Thread Apparently Lives on Hoth”

  1. It keeps snowing. I keep waking up to snow. I keep clearing snow off my car. I keep driving in snow. I keep having to put boots on the dog, which she hates, and she has now learned how to lay down on the floor and tuck ALL FOUR paws under her so that I can’t reach them. (Leading me to mutter, “Dammit Daisy it is 5 o’clock in the morning, cut this shit out so that we can GO.”)

    I hate snow.

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