This Weekend Open Thread Loves Fuzzy Animals

Show me your pets.

Let’s get ourselves through the weekend with cuteness. I want to see your adorable little animals. Kitties, puppies, bunnehs, snakes, whatever.

I’ll start:

A picture of a small reddish dog seated on a knitted ottoman.
A picture of a black cat sitting inside a red and white shopping bag.
My roommate’s cat, named Cat.


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11 thoughts on “This Weekend Open Thread Loves Fuzzy Animals”

  1. This is Yahtz. He is also super ferocious. SO ferocious he couldn’t sleep in the hotel room until my dad put his dirty laundry on the bed for Yahtz to cuddle in. His favorite pastime is Follow the Dad. It’s like Follow the Leader, but you end up more in the way of the leader than behind him. He is very good at it.

  2. This is my Bailey Bug. She likes to chew tennis balls like they’re bubblegum and is a ferocious snuggler. Her favorite hobbies are duck hunting and napping on top of me. I’m fairly certain the latter is her super favorite since she will wake me up at night to come sit on the couch and snuggle with her (no puppies are allowed in my allergy-free zone).

  3. This is Schubert. He is a Brat. He doesn’t believe that the rules about not pooping/peeing in the house apply to him when the weather is bad. When Gershwin has something Schubert wants, Schubert will bark incessantly until Gershwin gets bored and walks away. He has a slew of idiosyncrasies and spends much of his time appearing befuddled.

    However, when I putter around the house, he follows me around anxiously until I sit, then climbs on my lap and falls asleep. He regularly falls up the stairs. He also sticks his tongue out when he sleeps and sometimes forgets to pull it in when he wakes up.

  4. Where is everybody? I thought this Open Thread would at least DENT the internet, if not break it outright!

    This is Gershwin. He is a Jerk. He has pulled a full crockpot off the counter. He eats his own poop. He uses the recycling bucket as a toy bin. He has destroyed multiple coat pockets, purses, lunchboxes, and backpacks. His most recent act of destruction was pulling a coat rack off the wall.

    On the other hand, he is 85 pounds of Wonderful. He is a snuggle-wumps. He loves his family and is the reigning champion of Head Humpy (the other dog’s head, not ours). Right now, he is sleeping on my foot.

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