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Aldnoah Zero, Ep 17

This must be the first episode of the series without a fight, and it was great.

First, the Deucalion is resupplying and the missing three members from pre-skip are coming back aboard: the Doc, Marito and Yuki. Darzana doesn’t seem to be too pissed about Marito coming aboard. Yuki and Inaho had a heart-to-heart full of emotion and symbolism, some of which was in the opening sequence of the first part of the series.

Next, Slaine is now trapped in Martian politics. He was challenged to a duel by one of the two Counts we keep seeing for the last few episodes. The challenge is based on the right to be Royal Guard and watch over the Moon base. Nobody was impressed by it.

New Martian Kataphrak
Look at the new Kataphraks, will they last more than one episode?

The shocking part of this episode was on the Earth side. The Count captured last week had been freed by Inaho. He wants to know where the real princess is and what Slaine’s objectives are. Rayet helps him despite the fact that she hates Martians, especially herself. It causes two exchange of “You changed/I did not” between her and Inaho. They have a nice dynamic really and Rayet is a lot more open to him than she is to the others.

Fafner Exodus, Ep 5

So we get to see the new kids in action. They are all awesome. The girl is spouting manga moves that were apparently created by one of the managers. It’s “teaching material,” lol. The wiz-kid is pretty good at strategy too and Samurai-boy isn’t bad with swords. The bad guys nevertheless almost trashed the island in a few minutes this time. They are learning superfast, apparently. I still think there is something really fishy going on here.

The rest of the episode was a mix of exposition for the expedition and “I don’t trust these Human Army dudes.” I’m starting to think that Maya might be the only person who is going to come back from that expedition. She might save her nephew, that I’m not really sure of. Especially with the post-credit scene where the island Mir left her cocoon. Creepy.

Death Parade, Ep 5

Noname had a weird pastel-cartoon dream at the start of this episode. Their new patients are a little kid and a man without many manners. He also claims to remember having been there, and Decim thinks something is “odd.”

Although, most of the episode is more about the background of the system this time. Nona has been in charge for 82 years, that’s a long time. She played “galaxy-pool” with another guy 5,769 times since. I call it “galaxy-pool” because the balls are planets and suns and the background is made of stars. There is also a lady called Castra that is super creepy.

Chavvot, kid book
That’s the book, Noname is dreaming about.

We meet another arbiter called Ginti, he was the “little kid” who came over. He sent Noname to sleep to have a chit-chat with Decim. Looks like his assistant is actually a departed on whom Decim couldn’t pass judgment. She was aware that she was dead and wouldn’t play any games, so Decim couldn’t judge her. So he asked for her memory to be erased and her judgment bail extended. Ginti is not impressed.

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