Lately, in Ladyblogs

There’s been some great stuff in Ladyblogland lately. A quick roundup:

Why feminists are mourning the loss of white male author Terry Pratchett. Feministe

Speaking of dudes named Terry, Terry Crews continues to be an awesome outspoken feminist. Dame Magazine

Intersectionality! What you need to know about service dogs. Everyday Feminism

Remembering Claudette Colvin, and why we never learned that long-time activist Rosa Parks’ protest was essentially a reenactment. Bitch Magazine

One of Afghanistan’s first female IT CEOs, Roya Mahboob, brings computer literacy to girls in Afghanistan. Daily Dot

Paul Feig thinks men upset about the all-female Ghostbusters movie are whiny pissbabies.  The Mary Sue

Did anything catch your eye in Ladyblogland last week?

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